News Air forces of Turkey killed 9 people in Syria

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News. Air forces of Turkey killed 9 people in Syria
Turkey hit 108 targets in Syria and killed at least 9 people.

Reportedly, during the air attack of the Turkish air forces, which struck the city of Afrin (Syria), people were killed. 9 people were killed, 6 of them civilians.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Turkey announced the beginning of the attack in Syrian Afrina. In the city there are more than one million people.

By all accounts, at least 70 Turkish aircraft attacked the Syrian city of Afrin. The Air Force of Turkey struck 108 goals, and then returned to the base.

One of the objectives of the Turkish Air Force was the Minnig airfield. It was used by the US military to supply arms for the Kurds.

A spokesman for the Kurdish forces said that the Turkish air force will not remain unanswered.

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