Listening Post Feature- Kazakhstan: media in a 'wnderland'

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We look at the media landscape in a country where covering the opposition amounts to political extremism.

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That's simply not true about Joplin. The UAE pledged up to $1 million for new computers for the high school, which is not that much, considering half of the city was totally destroyed, and there was $2.8 billion in damage. Perhaps you're getting mixed up with the $100 million the UAE put towards hurricane Katrina.

Author — marcdiblasi


@Austin Markford you're very retarded for comparing the two.

Author — aznlalaland


You have to understand:

The ME oil-rich Mogols INVEST HEAVILY in America & Europe's political & business RULING CLASSES enterprises!, from soccer clubs, to agriculture, to stakes in finances & real estates, to MEDIA partnership, etc.

Qatar's AJ just acquired Al Gore's CURRENT TV for around $500M.

Recently, the little tornado-ravaged American town of Joplin received a couple HUNDRED MILLION "donation" from one of these Mid East rulers!

In short: BIG MONEY TALKS LOUD (among ruling elites).

Author — HenryDavidT


isn't it so funny that they are talking about state controlled journalism on a state owned news station ! AlJazeera is owned and controlled by Qatar !!!

Author — Austin Markford


I wanna tear it up with some Kazakh women.

Author — SLAMO