Worst Effort Plays in US Sports Compilation

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Wow look how lazy these people are lol

I say while laying in bed eating chips and not doing my homework

Author — Wahst The Creator


I think the most crucial mistake was made by the Panthers QB who didn’t dive for the ball in the Super Bowl.

Author — Daniel Ally


I love how there was a solid 45 seconds of just james harden

Author — quy dinh


James Harden clearly was not working Hardenough.

Author — Sam Roy Music


Cam will never live that, non, play down. The fact that it was in the god damn Super Bowl is what made it 100 times worse.

Author — B Why


Gets payed millions of dollars a year

Players: I’m not feeling it today

Author — Ephraim Boomer


I remember when players started getting big money as free agents and Bill Parcells said that "it's like winning the lottery for some guys. And what's the first thing you do when you win the lottery? Quit your job"

Author — Warren Peece


Longoria calmly explaining what Upton should have done and Upton exploding like a petulant baby is one of my all time favorite clips.

Author — Jon I


6:17 tell me he didn’t sound like squidward

Author — Lil Bus Driver


I think at 2:18 didn't wanna get the late hit out of bounds penalty

Author — OffBrand80s


The first one makes me laugh, misses the ball and just loses his shit and walks away.

Author — Mike Peterson


All these clips and not one of Randy "I play when I wanna play" Moss?!?!

Author — Craig Kleschult


And this is why hockey is the best sport, everyone puts in effort, very few egos.

Author — Mike M


Could do a whole series of LeBron quitting just like he did here

Author — gogetta80


6:17 is the best example of play till u hear the whistle and never give up

Author — Nish


What was crazy about the cam newton superbowl play was they were only down by 6, but it literally felt like the Panthers had 0 chance.

Author — Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato


Knowing that every one of these guys is a millionaire, I have to follow this with a "best plays" compilation so my head doesn't explode.

Author — Dave S


Love how James Harden gets tons of money and attention for not caring.

Author — Nichole


This video should be called “ways to loose your job as a professional ball player”

Author — miso guapo


“Why are we here? Just to suffer?”

Author — Bloodstxins