Piers Morgan on Hollywood's hatred of Trump

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Piers Morgan on Hollywood's hatred of Trump4.5

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Hollywood is not the source of American intelligent people.

Author — James Copeland


The more Hollywood hates President Trump, the more we love him!

Author — EBthere


De Niro and Madonna are two stupid people! If anyone else threatened to blow up the White House they'd be behind bars!

Author — Wayne Turner


I thought threatening the president was a felony ?

Author — Madeleine


Hollywood loved Trump before he became president.

Author — We Are God


Deniro should heed the advice of George Washington. Washington said: "Profanity is a strong way to express a weak mind."

Author — outrider


It's natural to live in an illusion, when you PRETEND... for a living.

Author — david mccallum


Why didnt any actors move out of america like they said they would if trump won

Author — DaviDamir


How does acting for a living make you an expert in politics?

Author — Craig Code


Hollywood hates Trump and says hes a narcissist. Hollywood has more narcissists per square foot than probably anywhere on the planet! Actors LIVE for attention, and this gives them the attention they crave.

Author — dreams of turtles


Madonna, Depp, Doucheniro. Are we supposed to believe they live in our world, our reality??? C'mon.

Author — Jeff Svirtunas


DeNiro “Trump is a narcissistic ego maniac”
Now applaud me while I bash him in this echo chamber of Hollywood elites that think like I do.

Author — Derrick Vineyard


Never thought I would agree with Piers Morgan about anything.

Author — Matt Karres


With president Trump...the proof is in the pudding.
Piers nailed it. What are they offering??

Author — Wilson Wieggel


Piers you still, will never get our guns lol

Author — Noel Rankin


Robert De Niro, the man can't even put a sentence together his favorite word is the F word no wonder his wife couldn't wait to divorce him sick individual!

Author — Joe Castanon


De Niro...once upon time great actor ...now just old puff fart....feel sorry for him

Author — stipe hajduk


You know Hollywood is a literal garbage dump when piers morgan is the voice of reason

Author — P K


It doesn't matter how popular a star is. Most people see them for what they are... celebrities. We don't necessarily respect their opinions. Many are drug addicts, have family troubles, or have trouble with the law. Bottom line, many have little, to no education. Ok, so they can sing, nice, ....now move along....

Author — jmarie8408


And threats against the president's life regardless who holds the office should be a arrestable offense..period.

Author — Brian Howard