Pentagon releases footage of US military raid that killed Isis leader al-Baghdadi in Syria

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US defence officials at the Pentagon have provided more details about their military operation in Syria on October 26, 2019 that killed Islamic State founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.Isis, meanwhile, has issued a statement on the messaging service Telegram saying that the terror group has chosen a new leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurashi and promised to avenge Baghdadi’s death.

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Download — Pentagon releases footage of US military raid that killed Isis leader al-Baghdadi in Syria

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"US released video of death of Isis leader"

Me: *Bravo 6, going dark*

Author — Normal People


When no one care about the isis leader death... create another isis leader.

Author — Skye



*does put a smile on my face*

Author — xD


13 isis dislike this post as of November 1, 2019.

Author — penny xiao


US : we will bring democracy and freedom to oil countries around the world.

People : How to do it ?

US : let's make abubakar al-baghdadi part 2 :v

Simon Elliot : Can i apply to that position twice 😀 ?

Author — McTapper


When the Americans are after you, and your homies want you to become a wormfeast—designate him leader of your gang.

Author — crankylifter


The dog that chased him down the tunnel is a legend!!

Author — John


Never forget what he did to Ethiopian Orthodox Christian in libiya

Author — tigist getachew


Terrorist being made into mush that’s beautiful .

Author — Steve Arkie


All they have released is a video of a few bombs going off and some dikheds running around lol .
This is as comical as the bin Laden saga .

Author — celtic barbarian


Nikon cameras: 3260p quality
High tech military drone: CCTV quality


Author — Jasper L. Ferini


0:29 wait what??? ISIS confirm that? Ok

Author — Dark of the knight


Is there a $25 million bounty for the new leader ?

Author — mcscootie


Wait is this Morden Warfare mission 😂😂

Author — sky walker 17


Were people expecting close up footage in Ultra HD of the leader's head being blown off or something?

Author — rev


Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi aka Simon Elliot

Author — Taugeh Ayam


Thank you, our U.S. heroes! Truly admirable fighters defending our freedom and lives.

Author — Jinghui Niu


isis said we should or rejoice. for some reason, they still can’t get it in their heads that they will be put down

Author — Naruto Uzumaki


I loved that part of the Modern Warfare Campaign

Author — Marcuri


Looks like an airstrike to me with multiple explosions going off and something falling from the sky just before the explosion.

Author — Anthony