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Golf... minus the golf.

Special thanks to Golf Channel for making this video happen!!
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💬 Comments on the video

you guys never run out of amazing ideas :) this was AWESOME!!!

Author — Wolfie


This is like my 137 times watching this

Author — OfficalLamar


U gotta admit. Heck of a throw by Coby when he was stuck in the tree

Author — Mahadev Krishnan


I watched this during Quarantine and realised realised this was a few years before cuz i saw Garrett had hair

Author — Tarun Nair


“Beware of rattlesnakes”

“Yeah just hop right in”

Author — SniperSnowman


He says "annual." there should have been 6 already

Author — Silvio Moses


5 years later and i just realized in the intro they literally lost “it”

Author — Gabe Branco


How else his here because they just made the fourth one

Author — Arrow Gaming


Best quote of 2015: “High risk, high reward.”

Tyler Tony

Author — Tech_ Gamer


"I have never wavered."


Author — RadMan 9821


I love how we measure how long ago it was by whether Garret had hair

Author — Cricket Compared


Cody in the back : throwing the hockey stick

Author — MAMA lizard


I barely remember when Garret had hair.

Author — Somebody Animates


5:17 did anyone see Cody being angry because Garret cannot miss that putt

Author — I T


“I’m bad at putting “
Also Cody makes a 50 feet put in part 3

Author — JED 17


So garret is the one who lost to the twins but then he beats ty


Author — Yul Hur


Can’t believe this was 5 years ago...it felt like yesterday😂

Author — MrBrettStickz YT


I'm always amazed how they are all so multi talented every video.... Then you witness them trying to kick a ball.

Author — Vaegh


I don’t know how many times I have watched this I stopped counting years ago

Author — Fruechs


Make this blue if ur a Purple Hoser!

Author — Byoung5