Dana Perino On Interrogations

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Exclusive: Chief White House Correspondent Chip Reid talked to Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino who defended the approval of waterboarding and says Dems should rethink calling a torture commission.

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I've been so trapped playing this game and bogged down with strategy that I've hurt some people I actually admire: Dana I apologise to you and your husband and the Five. Wish you the best. 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

Author — Ivel Douglas Burton


well, she's on TV because she's a former White House Press Secretary, whether you like her or not

Author — joesmith40


I like to use an easy bake oven in my interrogations.

Author — Matthew Penrose


Dana Perino, before it became common for professional women on TV to really look sexy.

Author — Bee Zee


Ok Dana so when is your book coming out?

Author — pongman


You don't believe in human rights we do.

Thats the different between us I guess.

Author — wildreams


I like to watch Nancy Pelosi play with her easy bake oven. She sticks her head in it but she always survives.

Author — Edward Schoenman


Would somebody please tell me why this woman is even on TV?

She is an accomplice to the worst criminals in history to hold office

Author — jxh261


And you're a mindless brain dead foolish kool-aid drunken libtard.



Get over it moron.

Author — originaLkomatoast


Let me understand: So water boarding is bad, but assassination is good?
Obama just signed approval to assasinate American born Anwar al-Awlaki as he is a terrorist. Politics as usual .... and the beat goes on.

Author — frankgon4


these lying, thieving republicans are all the same-first it was blame clinton for everything, now its tearing obama apart for Bush's scheming

Author — Joaquin Peres


U are only selective on what u listen. Since when did i say any other form of violation to human rights should be condoned?

"Punishment" should always suit the crime, and a proper trail should always be given even to the worse of criminal. Think about it.

Author — wildreams


Torture = illegal. Torture not effective.

Author — wildreams


Listening to this woman is as bad as being waterboarded.
As a career military interrogator, we have never approved of torture such as waterboarding. It is torture and it is immoral. This woman is ungrounded, just like Cheney and Bush.

Author — badad4444


How can people be so blaze about torture? Because these are terrorists and criminals???

And how do we know that without access to a trial and due process?

What if it was you? How about if they took a member of your own family?

If we think this has protected us from another 9/11 we are very seriously misguided and deluded.

Author — Bob Heinlein