The Battle for Myanmar’s Buddhist spirit

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The Battle for Myanmar’s Buddhist spirit3
In Myanmar, different groups of Buddhist monks are battling with how to deal with the country’s minority Muslim population. While some advocate peace, others, such as the extremist Ma Ba Tha, are stoking up hatred and violence. The Guardian visited Myanmar to investigate how the monks’ actions are threatening to destabilise the country’s newly established democracy

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Taste of own medicine. No doubt that so called victim card owners are the ones to started it.

Author — Ajinkya Gadgil


Islam is pure evil. They will never be happy until we are all killed or converted.

Author — British Patriot


Buddhists are showing the world how to deal with barbaric cult

Author — Achinta Kumar


Lord budha blessing all my budhist family take care

Author — Kapil Kambale


Buddhism will never die long live Myanmar support from India🇲🇲🇮🇳

Author — ASS kicker


Glorious and intelligent Buddhist who refuse to bow to the British and Mohammadan imperialist alliance.

Author — Bamber Banbury


Keep the spirit up don't let those mullahs destroy your land as they did Afghanistan

Author — navylaks2


Maybe the Buddhists in Myanmar looked at how Afghanistan (previously a Buddhist country) worked out and thought 'no thanks'! Power to them, better than genocide!

Author — マコト


In india also muslims declared "love jihad". Mostly targetting school and college studying hindu girls. Convert the religion name of love. Ashamed people.

Author — Handarts


They are crying in New Zealand right now, without a clue of peaceful Myanmar Buddhists forced to defend their country.

Author — 19leeryan


Hindus are with buddhist other wise like indonesian mayamaar will become the same buddhist are not wrong

Author — deepak sharma


World leaders may not support you But a very large portion of the worlds population is cheering and praying for your victory !!!

Author — HUCK stir


Whole Central Asia(Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan) was Buddhist. Now not a single Buddhist left in Central Asia. One even one. Because Buddhism is monastic religion, if monks are killed, then Buddhism dies. Buddhism also doesn’t have caste system like Hinduism, if Hindu brahmin is killed, his son would preserve Hinduism. But in Buddhism, monks never marry. Once monks are killed, Buddhism vanished from the land. And in Hinduism there is Kshatriya(warrior) caste but there is no such thing in Buddhism. Buddhists monks don’t fight because Buddha said monks to never do violence against sentient beings, Muslim barbarian took advantage of non-violence of Buddhism and whenever there was an Islamic invasion into Buddhist land, no Buddhist was left within 100 years. All monks killed, and Lay Buddhist followers converted under sword and intimidation

Author — wonderfullife


Buddhism is great and during ancient Afghan was Buddhist

Author — Kiran Meshram


Typical of the Left wing Guardian, giving a one sided account of what is happening in Myanmar. As always it's sympathies lie with Islam the most evil and destructive Ideology in the world.

Author — mikegan73


Hindus need to learn . And see that Indian minorities r treated . otherwise we will become minority and will.not get escaping route.

Author — Sivarama Prasad


True. Buddhism is peaceful, pacifist, non-aggressive and treats everybody without the caste system. To protect Burma and Buddhism from the dangerous aggressive Jihadi Wahhabism Islam, every party, government, civil society, and every Buddhist in Burma must be on guard to face and deter internal Muslim allies and enemies also external Muslim allies and enemies. Burmese Buddhist have learned invaluable history lesson of how Buddhist country like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. became Muslim dominates countries. Those former Buddhist countries faced internal enemies of converted Muslim fellow countrymen and aggressive external enemies of Muslim allies and Muslim countries.

Author — Yangon Thar


Look what's happening everywhere in the world...
Where islam comes, comes violence and oppression.
Buddhists know that, they dealt with them before.
In Afghanistan for example, where Buddhism no longer exist because muslims killed them all.

Author — bulle van berkel


We Hindus are 100% confident that Buddhists are not the cause of the problem in Myanmar.

Buddhism is a very compassionate and peaceful religion that has no reason or motive to harm others. Not a single incident of violence has happened because of Buddhists in past 2500 years !!!

Author — Vote for Narendra Modi


Number of Buddhist Countries Down:

Indonesia - LOST
Malaysia - LOST
Afghanistan - LOST
Bangladesh - LOST....
India....- Down to 0.8% Buddhists.

And maybe in future there will be more and more countries converting to Islam and more and more countries losing Buddhism till it finally goes extinct

Author — Abhijit Zimare