Democrats downplay the cost of their socialist agenda

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Democrats downplay the cost of their socialist agenda4.5
Green New Deal could cost upwards of $93 trillion; panel reaction and analysis on 'Hannity.'

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I moved my vote to trump this time around.

Author — Heinzy


The whole Democratic Party should be on Trial for Treason

Author — FUTURE


Venezuala, Cuba, no thanks. Dems keep digging themselves deeper & deeper.

Author — Mezmerized4Life Jay


All of what their doing (liberals) is part of the Luciferian agenda



Democrats are banking on 1) the people who want "free" stuff and 2) the people who think that "free" stuff is real

Author — We Are God


I am sick looking at this crazy eye horse face Cortez

Author — Frank


Medicare for all gives the government the right to choose who lives and dies. If your grandma gets sick, and the government has their say, say goodbye. This is Democrat policy.

Author — Samantha Young


"It doesn't cost anything" for cover

Author — Michael Schneider


The 3rd semester baby killing does it for me. I cant morally vote Democrat.

Author — Leonaza7


There is no place for socialism in America or elsewhere. Cortez Socialism is dead.

Author — El Castor Network News


Unless you ask 70% of Americans you can't say 70% support it. Anyone can manipulate poll results.

Author — KwazyWabbit


The democrats agenda is so far left that the independents and the middle of the isle members are getting on board with the conservatives. I love watching the downfall of the democratic party unfold.

Author — Beth Weaver


I was never asked if I support it, I don't support it.

Author — SimonTek


Cortez needs a psych vocational evaluation and then escorted from congress as she is obviously not mentally fit to be there as well as many other democrats.



How crazy can the Lunatic Left become? They are whoring their party with socialism!! Never going to happen. TRUMP 2020.

Author — Justa Witness


Bernie Sanders wants to Make Bread Lines Great Again.

Author — For Me To Poop On


If Medicare for all doesn't cost anything, it will be because the money that people have put in for years, for themselves, will be stolen to take care of everybody else and healthcare services will go downhill. That already happened when Obama forced through Obamacare. We dang sure don't need veterinarians taking care of us. Obama already stole 7 billion to help his medicaid for all theory. Put that back and leave our medicare money alone from that point on! And put back any other money that has been stolen from our accounts. Then give us a 100% raise on our Social Security!!!

Author — hudson steele


Might as well just advocate for mass suicide of humanity at that point if they think people are so goddamn horrible for the environment that we all owe, conservatively, a third of a million dollars in environmental reparations on top of the student loan bubble, social security bubble, and interest on the debt bubble.

Author — Jaromir Lee


They want to take your freedom. Cars, defense, money, food and homes too.

Wtf dems...

Author — Dangit don


Wouldn’t it be fun to watch tanks, police cars, aircraft carriers, ambulances and fire trucks to run on solar power? Has anyone asedk Bug Eyed Cortez about that?

Author — Earl Woode