what is politics || Dr.Baburam Bhattarai || Success to failure Story || VFY TALKS with Dashrath

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Rt. Honorable Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, The Former Prime Minister of Nepal. As we have found and realized, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has always been a new initiation in the mainstream of politics, good governance and planning. With your presence, we are sure that youths who want to do something good in politics will get knowledge and motivation, and be able to
achieve their goals ..
Voices For Youth is a campaign set up by Good Human Organization to help Youth from across the world exchange knowledge and ideas. ‘The Voice for Youth’ is a regular Campaign organized by Live Nepal Academy and presented by
Social Empowering for Good Human Organization. The main theme of this campaign is YouthLeadership Development’ in each and every sectors of the nation such as education, agriculture,tourism, politics, science and technology, youth entrepreneurship and business, diplomats and
international relations; and social work and service. Through this talk show along withinteractions and motivational stories; we aim to motivate our youths. Then, we aim to create aplatform to act and make them achieve their goal which brings positive results in their life, andthe society and the nation. “Let’s Join Hands Together and Build the Nation in Our Time”.

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Plz bring Rabindra Mishra and Rabi Lamichhane here😊 Surya Raj acharya Sanduk Ruit and Kulmaan too.. Desperately waiting to see them

Author — Ashween Paudel


डा. भट्टराई सरले गर्ने पेषा नै यही हुनु पर्थ्यो तर राजनितिक हिसावले व्यक्तीगत रुपमा उच्च स्थर हासिल गरे पनी वाकी जीवनको उत्तरार्ध ले खासै टुङ्गो लगाउन सकेन ।
यसमै अली चित्त नबुझेको कुरो ।

Author — S. S.N.


highly educated, wise and well expert of development how could not catch the proper destination for favor of nation and struggling much more towards to split the nation as cutting of mango.

Author — Shyam Shrestha


सबै कुरा ठिकै छ तर stage मा speaker पछाडि उभिनेहरु चाहि कुन घाँसहरु हो ।। 😁😁

Author — Gaurav Rai


you can tell how open minded he is just by mentioning and accepting the fact of LGBTQ community. Kudos for bringing that up bc in Nepali society it is still one of big issue for youths or adults.

Author — M Sherpa


Bring Sanduk ruit plzzz..Waiting for seee himmm

Author — Saugat Chhetri


Bring rabindra mishra and kulman ghising 😍

Author — Eayush Euiyel


this is really one of the honest speech given by a politician which i have listened so far ... thanks VFY team..

Author — chauchausoup



Author — Central Arts


Loved his speech .. but i didn't like the topic of this video! यो भिडियोको शिर्षक भएन!

Author — Amrit Pathak


Brilliant sir.you are great prime minister in our nation..

Author — Mitra Chalaune


Great sir... Tamiko aklo soch la hune vaya Nepal was great...but somewhere obstacle that you do not do anything alone... I salute sir... always respect sir

Author — Purna Thapa


Aba 60 kateka harule Gyan badna ta pahinxa, tara rajnaitik awakash Pani linai parne hunxa....

Author — Rajesh Acharya


Manche le teti matra bolxha jati usle bujeko hunxha

Author — Vinod Rca


सहि कुरो गर्नु भएको हो डा बाबुराम भट्टराईले

Author — Meen Bahadur rokaya


Speech chahi sarai ramro dinu bhayo hai Dr Saheb.

Author — Bishakha Koirala


yo talk ko topic chai k aadhar ma 'what is politics' vayo ?🤣 tara dr. baburam ko bichar/sujhab haru yekdum rmro lagyo, dhanyebaad!

Author — parinam kc


vfy stop talking do something new for society and country.

Author — knowledge for everyone


Baburam sir laii nachinnnne manxee satrau satabdika hun

Author — Prabin Shrestha