Video shows FBI arrest Roger Stone at his house

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Video shows FBI arrest Roger Stone at his house3
CNN has exclusive footage showing FBI arrive at Roger Stone's Florida home to arrest him. #CNN #News #stone

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This is what it looks like when the *"FBI OPEN UP!"* meme takes physical form

Author — Evariste Galois


1:48 "silent sirens" without sound 🤔 Are they the same as light without light? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — Alex Pasek


the El Chapo raid used less resources than this. I guess cnn was in the neighbor hood delivering newspapers and just happened to catch this live at 5am. smfh

Author — KevinIshere007


Some problems I have with the Roger Stone's arrest:

They sent more heavily armed men to arrest an unarmed 66 year old man than they sent to take down Bin Laden in a heavily armed compound.

They sent more heavily armed men to arrest an unarmed 66 year old man than they sent to our embassy in Bengasi.

CNN was notified of Roger Stone's arrest before Mr. Stone's attorney was. 
(I am not naïve enough to believe that CNN just happened to know what a "secret" grand jury had decided or was doing.)

Roger Stone was arrested for white collar crimes that normally a defendant would be allowed to turn himself in for.

So far Mueller has destroyed the lives of so many decent hard working people, including a General who devoted his entire life to serving the United States, as well as one crooked lawyer. 

None of these arrests contribute to accomplishing what Mueller's mandate was and is.

They call President Trump Hitler when all of the tactics the Mueller investigation have been using come straight from the Nazi playbook!Disgusting!

CNN would know true journalism if it beat them on the head with a hammer.

Author — Ducelick Koshiol


Good thing they sent the whole FBI to arrest him 🤣

Author — casualgamerreed


Wow cnn reporting on an FBI raid live time, seems legit ....

Author — AequitasVeritas


Mueller turns FBI into brownshirt End of USA's freedom of speech, freedom of movement. In the end they will also be coming for you. And CNN is complicit.

Author — Activated Oxygen


CNN and the FBI teamed up for the arrest? How convenient.

Author — Matthew Terry


Well this shows how truly morally bankrupt the FBI has become. You need it 23 agents. 17 cars. 41 Old Man. Who already told you if you want to talk to me call me and I'll come in. They can't claim that he was going to destroy evidence cuz he's been under investigation for four months he could have destroyed it already. The left has gone insane and they have the FBI as their foot soldiers and Auntie far as they're Street Warriors. LOL. If this who Auntie far has defending them Comey stroke robenstein. Lefty's y'all in trouble

Author — joseph breaux


"he's not in a suit, he's in sleepwear"
cnn can't be serious right

Author — heize's kiss


Is it just me, or is it a little strange that CNN was the only news agency notified in advance or for that matter present at the scene

Author — Zachary Schulling


I dont know whats a bigger joke, sending swat in or CNN.

Author — bad bennie


They arrested Roger Stone on 2017 charges that had nothing to do with Russian collusion that’s how they got him. So lame.... Liberals are stupid. Roger Stone is innocent

Author — Blackbox29


Just a typical media circus. 66 year old rich white male arrested by 29 FBI, who could have just called him and let him know he was being charged, he would have paid 250k bond and been back home in an hour.

Author — Daniel Starr


how peculiar CNN was there just as it was happening... huh makes you think.

Author — Officer Flat Foot


Is this not anymore proof the the Media and Fascist elements in our government are using Nazi tactics against Americans? Fascism is when the government is run by big Corporations, and it's obvious that our Media is run by Corporations

Author — Geronimo P


How can anyone take CNN seriously. Almost everything they say is just an outright lie, staged, taken out of context, quoted as fact from some obscure poll and all just to bash Trump 24hrs a day regardless of anything else important going on in the world. Even their so called fact checking is not factual.

Author — scott hayes


isnt it so shocking how the fbi let them get their cameras up so close. do you really believe this? Mueller planned this its all pure politics

Author — Glock Nyneteen


CNN alerted ... Gestapo style...Good job, land of the Free!!!

Author — Ernest Shackleton


Do you really need a whole swat team to arrest a sleeping old man XD.

Author — kakashi1234777