Nunes: I believe James Comey will be held accountable

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Nunes: I believe James Comey will be held accountable5
DOJ won't prosecute Comey despite inspector general referral; California Rep. Devin Nunes weighs in on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #Tucker #FoxNews

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When I was a cop, I literally took a guy to jail for a warrant for not returning library books.... and they cant show intent with Comey? Why do ppl in Washington never go to jail?

Author — Alabama Woodsman


When the law breaks the law - there is no Law

Author — tim prater


I'm sorry but I'm not seeing anyone being held accountable.

Author — Prisoner Zero


If Comey, Clinton, and all the rest aren't held accountable by the end of Trump's second term, we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic ruled by laws.

Author — Stuart Coker


The system's broken if Comey got away with it so will Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Author — Mychal Seymour


Please ensure that he's held accountable.

Author — InkRedAble Entertainment


Just because Comey isn't being prosecuted at this time, there are more crimes being looked at that will bring Comey back to the point of prosecution for those crimes.

Author — Karen Bass


Government should be held to higher standards, not lower

Author — Carolyn Dugan


I've said it before and am saying it again. NOTHING will change and no significant government official will be jailed unless the people march on DC en masse, grab these statist criminals by the neck and demand they be brought to justice. An endless plethora of words (Trey Gowdy style), endless guests on Fox pointing out the corruption with assurances they will be brought to justice will change anything. Words, pitchforks and torches will not be enough to take our country back. We are in a war against tyranny and must fight for our survival as a free Republic. Those who refuse to acknowledge that are naive.

Author — gcase08


Blah blah blah, more talk no justice💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Author — Jeremy White


So the FBI is going to investigate the hilarious we can already bet on how that's gonna turn out.

Author — The45Guy 1776


LOL! He was "communicating". What a joke! They do all these things to ruin Trump's life, Obama sabotages Trump's presidency, spies on him and he's living it up! What a justice system we have! Not!!!

Author — Deb Knauff


He's going to get locked up unless Clinton suicides him.

Author — Lazaro Martinez


Tucker references the Rodger Stone arrest. Stone is exactly where the deep state wants him.. under a gag order going into the 2020 election...

Author — WildwoodCastle


IF Mr. Nunes says be patient we owe him that this man should never pay for a beer again.

Author — Irish ducky


If the corrupt government doesn’t get him then we the people WILL!!!

Author — John John


James Comey your under arrest for treason

Author — Adolfo Cardoza


I'm hopeful that Rep. Nunes will persist in holding Comey, McCabe, and others for these CRIMES.

Author — c robinson


Comey will be held accountable, but you want to get him on something a LOT heavier... like Conspiracy and Sedition.

Don’t forget that Conspiracies have Co-Conspirators...

Author — David Pursel, Snake Hunter


Illegal spying by Obama was going on way before 2016 and Russia, Russia, Russia, Racism, Racism, Racism is just a cover/distraction once discovered?

Author — 4thekids