You won't believe this miracle! Arab desert dust invades Europe! and Saudi desert turns into white!

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You won't believe this miracle! Arab desert dust invades Europe! And the Saudi desert Turns into snow white!

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It's been predicted 1000's of years ago so will it be!

Author — Anna Kuter


We had this dust all over our cars in US last week.

Author — Sky Changes


Ça n’a rien d’un miracle😜
La Terre n’a pas de frontières🤣

Author — Robert Dupont


We believe. Stay warm. Prepare supplied be aware. Things are a little off at this time. Help elders and needy

Author — margaret neanover


Too much "miracles" I think!!

Author — John Martin


Sinceramente, incrivel o que vem acontecendo pelo mundo afora. Obrigada por nos mostrar

Author — tania salz


c'est pas de la neige! ce sont des cristaux, comme de la grèle! temps affreusement coloré et bas, aujourd'hui en France!

Author — KHANDRO


É o maravilhoso mover de DEUS....
Sopram os ventos
E mudam as paisagens....

Author — luh soap


taste what the arabs have been tasting for thousands of years, you cant blame them for going to europe during the summer.

Author — Fate


Aspetto con ansia the day after to morrow

Author — Adelina Fortino


Incrível todo deserto com gelo granizo. Mudou mesmo o clima. Obrigada por postar!!!! Boa tarde!

Author — Marli Camillo


Es necesario q el polvo del desierto llegue a muchos lugares es cómo volver a renacer para la vida y la naturaleza

Author — Nybia Papini


I really think that all the powers to be don’t know what to do with Us? Lock us down or no lockdown? What do you think is the best thing for a country to do with their population when an extreme disaster is come? Also, would you want your country to tell about it or would you rather it just come where you are at that present? Just one more question. For those who comprehend what it happening around Us, what is your take? Thanks for the videos!! Sometimes though, I feel morbid when I watch some of the videos!! It’s really sad with the losses so many people have endured in 20/21. Peace and safety for all!!!

Author — Richard Trout


Eso pasa cada cierto tiempo, es normal, toda la mañana limpiando ese polvo hoy.🤦

Author — Mar Casabuena


It happens every year a few times here in Europe, this is nothing special at all!!

Author — beatricecallan


The gift of rain or snow is a beautiful welcome testament of Gods love. Blessings to all readers.

Author — Karen Sellers


Subhanallah! Signs of the time. Watch the weather.

Author — Sandra Abdalla


I have not a clue what I'm looking at or what you're videoing

Author — anne erdman


Muito assustador! Parece que o mundo vai se acabar.

Author — Kátia Cilene


Buena tarde amigos, pregunto cual es el milagro no entiendo gracias desde Venezuela