10 Most Insane Weapons In The World

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10 Most Insane Military Technologies In The World

Since the dawn of warfare, man has always strived to invent the perfect weapon to defeat his enemies. And it really is amazing how far we’ve come since then with some organizations inventing some unreal weapons. From a fully automatic 12-gauge shotgun to a crazy gun that fires over 1 million rounds per minute, check out these 10 insane military technologies. 

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since ancient times, peace meant having a bigger stick than the other guy

Author — Kenneth Tay


"So terrible, we can't speak about them on this video"... let's be honest, you have no idea what they did.

Author — Gist432


The rod Weapon was in call of duty modern warfare the second one

Author — Big Daddy Romeo


9:35 Star Wars is gonna happen I can feel it

Author — EmilyAnn TL


the lack of accuracy in some of these is staggering.

Author — Jadesword69


No weapon compares to an “odious” wife!

Many men beg for death.

Author — Douglas


7:18; This was the prop based on the Metal Storm system, which was used in an episode of CSI: Miami.

Author — Victor Acosta


Why talk about hollow point ammo and then show picture of rip ammo.

Author — Waza


Fun fact: You didn't search up for this video.

Author — Tommy BRO


Whoever meshed these images with the story must have been drunk

Author — Melbournaut


This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about

Author — Magic Corn


6:30 When you play with only noobs in Battlefield

Author — SomeoneX64


7:06 wait, those graphics are familiar, THATS FROM SIMPLE PLANES

Author — Niko Fox


9:48 looks like they couldn’t handle the neutron style

Author — All I feel is pain


7:45 "As the war went on", LOL that time period was born from racial superiority and a general disregard for human life (other than your own or the group you allied with). it was a no brainier back then to experiment on the USA too, heck we started it just as much or more than European influences.

Generally people who are in the upper echelons are psychotic at best. Why do you think history is generally measured by periods of war? I'm inclined to believe that Earth is just one big insane asylum and it's the ones that think theyve got it together are the ones you've got to watch out for!!!

Author — kcirtap ecreip


when you need to shoot something one million times in just 60 seconds...LOL..Nailed it

Author — Auron Dimet


i want to see a real life seige tank that would be epic(starcraft)

Author — ZenTeT


10, 000 kgs of dmt?!?! They must’ve been tripping sack!

Author — Telopathic Psychnopath


9:47 I'm just burning doing the neutron dance.

Author — niceguy60


How this channel continues is beyond me. You guys literally screw up every time

Author — Jurassic Coaster