Bowser's Fury Looks Like Super Mario 3D World X Odyssey

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We want to play it now please

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I'm so happy that Jon is making more than 1$ per hour.

Author — Fernando F. Figueiredo


Perfect, Jon was the exact person I wanted to see talk about this!

Author — If It's Not Fun


Watching this discussion instead of the Gamexplain one.

Author — That one dude who posted stuff


the hardest part for me playing this mode will be trying to throw the cap and it not working

Author — darthmarth87


I feel like Bowser Jr is an AI assistant, because he wants to save his dad, but also can be a player 2 if you have another controller

Author — Scynette


I feel like bowser coming out is like the blood moon in botw. He come out sometimes and change the level design. But you have to put him to sleep or knock him out with the power up.
Edit: wow this was very close to what is happening in the overview trailer. Nice

Author — Baka Adrian


I wonder if Bowser Jr. is going to act like Murfy in Rayman Legends

Author — Jack Seal


Quick video summary:

It's Super Mario 3D World + Cats

Also Alex is stupendous.

Author — malaki7123


this is the most fan made thing nintendo has done

Author — Yeetus De Feetus


The 3D title we 3D landers have wanted since it released

Author — Ethan MasterCrafter


RIP Original Alex, he's no longer available

Author — 7644


Jon has the sexiest voice on Nintendo Life.

Author — Vegan Games


3:57 this bowser design reminds me of bowser plus Godzilla it’s a cool design.

Author — DawsenScript


I know that Nintendo is hyping this up as its own whole game, but people who are thinking that its gonna be another 20-30 hours of gameplay should tone their expectations down a bit. this is kinda just a bonus for the port, it will most likely not be that much bigger in terms of content than a kingdom in Odyssey (like sand or metro kingdom). Sure I could be wrong, but don't be disappointed if I'm right. I'm not trying to discredit it though, it does certainly look fun

Author — anty


The spikes Bowser shoots at you even looks like the moon core pieces in Odyssey. You know...the ones you have to scratch using Bowser?

Author — Best Mario Game Clips


I’m just sad that they replaced the Gadd Science logo on Bowser Jr.’s brush with his logo instead.

Author — ZereWasTaken


now the changes like the dive and quicker gameplay make much more sense. with a bigger world it would be annoying if you moved slowly so they made bowsers fury faster and put it into the base game. same thing with dive, helps with exploration and stuff.

Author — JJ


What if this is how they tested Mario Odyssey

Author — Tyrone24


I have the suspicion that this extra mode will only be something like three hours long.

Author — Burt Kocain


That dive was actually shown in the last trailer as well!

Author — TeeJay