Exploring the heart of Selçuk - Why you must visit

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Hello peeps in this video we show you the Basilica of St John, the ayasuluk castle, the aqueduct and the temple of Artemis, all of this located in Selcuk.
We speak about the history of the sites and we bring you along with us to a different time and era.
"Ayasuluk Hill is an ancient mount in İzmir Province in Turkey. It forms part of the Ephesus UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is home to a Byzantine fortress and the ruins of the Basilica of St John. It was reputedly the tomb of John the Evangelist, an early disciple of Jesus who is thought to have written the Gospel of John on the site. It became the main settlement of Ephesus after the ancient town declined after the 7th century, following the onset of the Arab–Byzantine wars.
The earliest archaeological remains at the site date to the Hittite era of the 2nd millennium BC, when the site was known as Apasa. There is also evidence of some Mycenaean presence before the start of the Helladic period around 1050 BC. The hill is known to be the original location of Ephesus, before it moved to a new location a few kilometers away."

"The aqueducts were built in the Byzantine Era to carry the spring water near the east of Selçuk to St John Basilica and the settlements around it which are 50 meters up from the sea level. Marble blocks from Ephesus and Artemision were brought here to be reused. The abutments are 15 meters high."

"One of the Seven Wonders of the World in ancient times, the Temple of Artemis (Artemision) at Ephesus was a famous place of pilgrimage for centuries and it was built dedicated to Artemis. Anatolia has always had a fertility goddess: Mita to the Phrygians, Cybele (or Kybele) to many other Anatolian peoples, Artemis to the Greeks and Diana to the Romans.Unfortunately little remains of the vast, rich marble temple: only a few bits of marble column favored by the storks who arrive in the nearby town of Selçuk each spring. There’s not a lot to see, but it’s worth dropping in at the Artemision ruins on the 3-km (2-mile, 30-minute) walk from Selçuk to the Ephesus archeological site along shady Dr Sabri Yayla Boulevard."


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You made an amazing decision by choosing to explore Selcuk first! So much history, so much to explore in that area!

Author — Travel Interesante - Gökçe and Steve


Old relics of christianity and not many tourists ...Wow.... stay safe, happy exploring....Merry Christmas..

Author — Breakaway Bites


Season's Greetings Travelgramers. Stay save and have a blast of traveling.

Author — Amiruddin Hamzah


Now I understand why you both chose Selcuk to be the next city to visit after Istanbul .. it is most appropriate for setting the Christmas mood🎄🎄🎄 ! .. the view around the remains of the ancient city is so epic .. Turkey is so rich in history .. beautiful culture and landscape .. hope to visit Turkey again after the covid .. Merry Christmas Joao and Christiana .. take care and stay safe .. beautiful video 👍👍👍👍.. can't wait to see the next one .. msia is missing you both 💕🐈💕

Author — Maziah Ismail


Wow! No tourists/visitors. Last time I went there, it was in 2018 and the place is packed like sardin. You guys are so lucky. Its even seem like a private tour just for you guys to explore the place.. 😂
BTW Ephesus is huge. I took a whole day walked around and explored the ancient city ruin.

Author — Ierah Saje


Those are some real ancient ruins places..

Author — The Lord Of Darkness


# very impressive.. I like those who study history of places before visiting and give others a light of knowledge.. 💡💋👏👏👏

Author — Lendme N i


Its amazing how these grand architectures and buildings were constructed, especially the old technology of hardmanship and enslavement used. We human should appreciate more of history! TG that painting of st John is supercool, even film from outside!

Author — MR Journey


We will once the world situation back normal. At this moment really appreciate your info abt great country like Turkey. Hope you will continue share info on cost and price. 😊😊

Author — Johari Mohd Salleh


Thank you for bringing us to Selcuk. This place has such rich history and will definitely be in my wishlist, , 🤩. Thanks for sharing, TG, 😜

Author — Lilian Pua


Thanks for showing this incredible place. What an amazing history.

Author — Yasin Affandi


When you guys get reverent at a location that holds a lot of history, you can really feel it, like a goosebump-y emotion. Really loving all this historical places, knowing you're standing at the same place that used to have a lot of significance hundreds of years ago.

Author — Sup3rnal


Merry Christmas to you both. Incredible historical sites. Interesting and amazing. Staf safe.

Author — Abu Bakar Abdullah


Interesting history of Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empires in one place.
7:44 may reminds you of the rempit in Malaysia. Merry Christmas to both of you!

Author — Jenut TN


Amazing, the city is full of ancient buildings and sites of ancient ruins. Merry Christmas and Feliz Natal! 🎄🎄🎄

Author — Judy Oh


Nice sightseeing without any tourist groups.
Btw there is a school named St. John by Christian missionary in Kuala Lumpur.

Author — Mohar 2020


Enjoy your travelling while in Turkey. I am looking forward to watching your next destinations. I really appreciate your positivness. Thanks.

Author — korkmazbek


Merry Christmas and happy new year to both of you, ,
Stay safe and stay happy

Author — Mohamad zahid Zainul abidin


Beautiful place indeed thank you for showing us around guys 👍🏻 Merry Christmas and happy new year 🎊🎈🎄🎉

Author — Lynia65


Very ancient like what João had mentioned, we read only from books📚 Now you're there!👍🏻👏🏻 Very apt with today being Christmas! May your journey brings you Peace & Joy to more discovery! Happy Christmas!🎄🥳🎅🏻🎀

Author — Joyce Tan