Baghdadi Killed. Pakistan Wants Proof? | The Debate

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💬 Comments on the video

He died like a dog... I love u Trump..

Author — Shanmuga don


Kejriwal, Sam Pitroda, Mamata, JNU brigade too will demand proof

Author — Tamal Ghosh


Pakistan is unhappy their boss is killed, half of terror support to Pak
Is eliminated. Next is dawood Ibrahim, hafeese Syed and companions

Author — Davanam Srinivasulu Setty


REHMAN MALIK is KHANGRESS'S brother-in-law.?🐖🐕🐖🐕🐖🐕

Author — Ananthan Nambiar


Not only them, even their representative from India, i.e Raul Vinci also needs proof that Baghdadi is dead. Please give them too.

Author — Deepak Kumar


Those who ask for proof for everything, should also ask their mother proof of their father.

Author — RAO V K


They want proof for everything ... Hahah illiterate proks

Author — Reeves Nayagam


Sounds like Congress asking for proof 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Chettiars Bc


Thank you Mr Trump for giving a Dog like death to Bagdadi but I feel shame & sorry as Dattatreya, Rehmani, Kejriwal, Mamata, Pitroda & J N U will ultimately accept the truth like Balakot Surgical Strike .

Author — Ved Prakash Sharma


They are shocked to know that their role model died

Author — Vijay Kumar


its like beggar want to proof that we had money or not in our pocket🤣🤣🤣🐷🐷🐷...

Author — rahul sharma


Pakistan wants proof for everything except for that one gets 72 virgins after dying in the name of Jihad.

Author — Avinash Kumar


When you live in a denial mode you’re in a downward spiral

Author — Global citizen


If Pak think He is alive then show to globe how is he and where is he???😊

Author — Jaydip Jadhav


Hahaha porkistan....
Always denial mode.

Author — Mr Love


Award wapsi gang and tukde-tukde gang also need proofs.

Author — Shankar Somnathe


See who'z questioning...😂😂😂....
Ab gangu teli puchega raja bhoj ko... ...hahahaha
Pakistan jaisa bheekari kuch maane ya naa mane kisko kya faraq padta

Author — Tiger neel


One day same kind of raid also happen in pakistan for Hafiz sahid.

Author — Tripurari Singh


Count his Skelton and bones and send pAk to the same place... Dogs dead as per USA PRESIDENT

Author — aashik chum


I loved the beautiful sentence He died like a DoG.

Author — Mahesh Kumar