News Another tunnel of terrorists under Afrin

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News. Another tunnel of terrorists under Afrin

News from Syria.
The Turkish military, together with the Syrian Liberation Army, liberated the next settlement from terrorists. On the spot, from where the fire was fired through the liberation armies, another tunnel was found. The tunnel, like the rest, is equipped with sleeping rooms and electricity. Several dozen terrorists hid in it and shot themselves with the Turkish military.

Recall, in Afrin was found already 5-6 tunnels, which represent a whole anthill. In such tunnels, Syrian terrorists could have stayed for years. A lot of rooms for recreation, electricity and much more. All the entrances and exits are carefully disguised.

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Operation "Olive branch" began on January 20. On the orders of the Turkish president, Erdogan, the Turkish army attacked Afrin. Some Kurds joined the terrorist organization and do not let Turkey calmly pass through Afrin.

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