24 hours changed how the world works

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CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports on the shifting situation in Syria as the battle for land leaves citizens caught in a daily cycle of uncertainty and violence.
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Isn’t this Trump doing Putin’s bidding again?

Forget impeachment.

This is treason. Arrest, try and. EXECUTE

Author — Uri Nation


"America" gives the world another reason to hate.

Author — A Rivera


When a lying traitor is President of the USA...

Author — Leon Donnelly


Putin must be delighted with Trump's world "strategy."

Author — Linda Wright


Trump's helping Russian interest what a surprise.

Author — Sean Draco


Little trump did what Big Putin told him to do.

Author — Khothe A.


Putin told Trump that he wanted a good present for his birthday.

Author — Noplay


All those troops who died to end ISIS, their sacrifice has been made in vain thanks to trump.

Author — joey hesse


Kremlin leader's name is all over this. This was the promise that was made on a leaked call.

Author — John Webb


Thanks to Trump, ISIS is back & instability reigns. 🇺🇸 stature is diminished perhaps irreparably. That's Maga.

Author — David Ellis


The sheer amount of damage and lives lost caused by one single, traitorous snake who is still only thinking about lining his own pockets. What a POS.

Author — G Sauce


When the Lying President makes decisions without US Intel, base on personal gain. Another action that helps Putin, and goes against our allies.

Author — [̲̅K̲̅]


When you send journalists running to *Iraq* for safety, you messed up.

Author — Chudy Ilozue


Putins puppet at it again are enemies screwing our allies

Author — Bionic man


Trump's "great and unmatched wisdom" and the GOP: Making ISIS, Assad, Erdogan, and Putin Great Again...

Author — Everblue Freediving


Thank Trumps "unmatched wisdom" for this situation. Russia helps Trump, Trump helps Russia....

Author — Reaction Junkie


leaders are inherently less trustworthy" - Marie Yovanovich, 3 days ago to Congress.
Trump is corrupt to his core, his every decision is tainted. He must be removed.

Author — Hobbes


A unwarranted retreat. Make America Betray Allies.

Author — Brian Smith


Just to recap Drumpftards: Turkey slaughtered Armenians and laughed about it. Now they are about to do that to a true Ally, Kurds, and you morons think its ok? Got it.

Author — Madsmore


Imagine that, THIS president, president tTump, opened the doors for chaos. What kind of stable genius could have seen this coming?

Author — Napes Weaver