How to Make a News-Style Video

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What do you need to make a news-style video? We’ve picked several features - the intro, the background behind the reporter, the logo, the rolling ticker, and more. Want to make your own news-style video, but don’t know where to start? Watch the new Movavi Vlog, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Other tutorials that will help you create a news-style video.

The Split screen effect for breaking news

The picture-in-picture effect for adding a logo

The Chroma Key tool for replacing the background

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So, it’s time to try shooting and editing your own news video! Here are some tips to consider before you start shooting.
Think about the shooting arrangements ahead of time. Remember that, depending on the background, the reporter needs to be in a specific position.

For the shooting and the montage, you'll need a green background to make use of chroma key. If you don't have a professional green screen, use green sheets or just glue several pieces of green paper together.

If you want to include an expert or special reporter in your video, shoot them in a different location: the street, maybe, or your friend's house. Use the split screen or picture-in-picture effect to add the second person to the video.

As for the montage, there are also some interesting options to choose from! If you need video editing software, we recommend you try the new and improved version of Movavi Video Editor – it will help you create amazing videos.

Step 1. Add files to the program and create an intro.

Step 2. Add a title for your news program. You can do this using the titles tool. Go to the title tab, choose the one you want, and place it above the intro video. Adjust the text, size, and font as you wish.

Step 3. To place your reporter in the studio, drag the green screen video above the photo or video. Highlight the clip on the timeline, click clip properties in the tool section, and choose the chroma key option. Change the opacity until the green background disappears. Now drag the reporter to the position you want them in.

Step 4. To add the second reporter to the monitor - drag the video above other timelines. In the clip properties, choose 'picture-in-picture', move the video to the green screen position, and edit the size as needed.
Use the same technique to add the logo: add a file with the logo, place it above the main video, choose 'picture-in-picture', adjust the size, and drag it to the left or right corner.

Step 5. Now let's add a rolling ticker. Go to the Titles tab, Basic, and choose the Scroll left option. Stretch the frame with the text to the full width of the frame, add your ticker text, pick the font you want, and decide on colour and size.

And your first news-style video is ready!

Want to learn more about video montage? Leave us your ideas in the comments section below and we’ll make a tutorial especially for you.

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