Sketchy Donald Trump Deal Eyed For Ties To Iran | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Sketchy Donald Trump Deal Eyed For Ties To Iran | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC4.5
Rachel Maddow describes the reporting published in The New Yorker about a Donald Trump business deal that raises a lot of red flags, not the least of which is an alarmingly close proximity to the business of the Iranian National Guard, sponsor of terrorism.

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Sketchy Donald Trump Deal Eyed For Ties To Iran | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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This kind of investigative journalism is extremely difficult, at a time when income from advertising in print media is in sharp decline. Independent journalists are heroes, and more careful reporting like this is a critical check to power in a democracy. By using intermediary gangsters, as he has in the past, he gains plausible deniability. Trump is the new Teflon Don, and he even uses family as insulation. There is certainly a Pulitzer prize out there for the journalist who finds the connection, but so far we in the public haven't seen it yet. The successful story should be simple enough that even the average voter will find hard to ignore. Unfortunately building a case for overt corruption in this kind of situation takes years, which will be far too slow.

Author — spelunkerd


excellent job.
you are figuring it out.
keep digging.
stay focused, pay attention.
your intelligence is expanding rapidly. I am impressed.
you're awesome.
"keep secret" is wrong. "keep it a secret, kept it a secret, be kept a secret" is correct.
"basically a break-dance move". lmao.

Author — Junior Harry


Always follow the money. You'll find out the truth.

Author — mar h


Thank you for putting all this together, and making is so clear that Trump helped to fund terrorism!

Author — Sondra L


When everyone else is parroting the daily scandals and chasing rabbits, Rachel is doing REAL investigative reporting. Pay attention "news" media... this is how it's done! #mustwatchtv

Author — Real Talk76


Keep up the good work Rachel. We need this kind of investigating. #45 will do his best to bury it and his people ...well they just don't care.

Author — Carol Crosby


everytime I listen to Trumps shady deals and how she connected them, it all makes sense now why Trump hates the media and the intelligence. also why he decided to become a president of the US is so that he can be a legal criminal like so many dictator leaders,
that's exactly why he's trying to bend the constitution, judicial system, intelligence and of course free press.

Author — dans h


And the Orange Wonder says Obama started ISIS??? Trump and family are helping the sponsors of terrorism launder their money!!! With all that money and terror protecting your Orange Wonder, its a wonder that no one can touch him!

Author — Gemma Weeraboonchai


go get him Rachel....take down that corrupt fraud

Author — king kong


Ivanka would be so hot in an orange jump suit, but I am guessing Nordstoms still won't carry the line.

The full story on the Tacoma bridge is that when designed the engineers did not account for the constant strong winds that funnel through the straits, and those winds created harmonic vibrations in the bridge. They condemned the bridge because they knew over time this would weaken the bridge an it would be unsafe.

So in deciding how to tear it down, they decided the easiest and safest way would be to loosen the suspension cables and let it tear itself down. So the videos you see of the bridge wildly oscillating are due to the support system being weakened.

The car on the bridge is not some unfortunate drive that got on the bridge at the wrong time. It was put there loaded with measuring equipment because the engineers wanted to study the motion. In better versions of the video you can see a guy running back from the car. That was a physics grad student who was working on the study coming back after checking on the equipment.

Author — Kerry Calvert


trump is not going to know what hit him when the FBI/CIA go to the white house and escort him out.

Author — Pedro Colon


*Republican Congress:* Trump Violated the law with a paper trail? Nah, that's not worth investigating. All his campaign staff lied (occasionally under oath) about contacts with the foreign government that helped them win the election? Psh, like that could mean anything. They probably all just forgot about those meetings. The President saw a rumor on the internet about getting wired tapped? Now that's worth looking into!

This is just ridiculous. Do we REALLY need to wait until mid-term elections to uproot this corrupt party from power? I'm leaning toward military coup at this point. The majority party in this country is blatantly covering for criminals in their party while having all control of when an investigation can happen. That craps needs to get amended.

Author — D-man Bradley


I love Rachel's shows. Part documentary/history lesson, part mystery, part news. Always interesting.

Author — sharoncatwoman


Rachel, you do such thorough investigating!! This should be talked about everywhere, such an important story!! Your show is my favorite news show on air! Keep it coming Rachel!!!

Author — Terri Suder


Now we can understand all his projections: Obama funded ISIS terrorism, Lock her up, she deleted her emails because of her criminal a treasonous deals, the fascist media is to blame, Obama is a bad (sick) person. All this time, he's been talking about himself.

Author — curiousela1


The question is this: Are there any Republican Senators and/or Representatives who care enough about the United States of America to at least look into these dealings, if only in an effort to clear the President of these suspicions? I hope so, but, frankly, given their past performance over the previous eight years, I am not holding my breath...

Author — Michael Billington


If any of this is true, then Lord Commander Chester Cheeto is in big trouble. His company is in big trouble. His kids are in big trouble. It's starting to become clear WHY the Obama administration hid the intelligence. It's starting to make sense why Cheeto doesn't want to release his tax returns. It's starting to make sense why Cheeto is flailing around trying to keep people away from investigating those confirmed Russian contacts. It's starting to make sense WHY he picked Sessions, and why he was so mad when Sessions recused himself from the investigation. I think journalists are the new AMERICAN HEROS. They are getting close to something. I think the Russians know it. I think that former British Intelligence officer's dossier that came out a few months ago is more important then ever. If any of this information is in there, (And no I don't care who is peeing on who.)

Author — kabukiwookie


Incredible reporting, exposing, explaining and story-telling. Keep up the great work!

Author — Al Foreman


Exposing this orange man! Way to go Rachel :)

Author — T-Tay


OMG! Where are all the trump trolls in the comments section??? As of this posting, I haven't seen....ANY???

Author — Larry Byrd