This Small Tournament Had a BIG Cash Prize...

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Thanks to Chilly Mountain for the tournament! There were some hiccups but I am supportive of anyone trying to promote wild Hearthstone!
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💬 Comments on the video

Went 2-3 against him, finally I lost to his odd warrior with my secret mage, I mean, I get to destroy his Aviana with explosive runes, and still lost, 10 mana on turn 5 btw

Author — tarixberix


Could you please fix the sounds appering random in the video? 9:00 for example

Author — Kiroo


Pls try reno mage with potion and tortolan combo

Author — Mrałłłek bgc


I like wathcing you play, good video keep it up!

Author — Petja Välimäki


Wild is life. TY for this vidéo jack.
Do you think reno mage quest is actually ok in the meta or classical quest is still better ?

Author — MrRorix888


What is supposed to be in the deck instead of Skull?

Author — BoxeR


whats the sound in some parts of the video?

Author — mau


Is Lazul must have? Which card I can change her?

Author — Кирилл Левченков