Strait Talk: Turkey, Kazakhstan and the new Great Game

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This week’s Strait Talk heads to Kazakhstan where Astana Summit was being held. It was also the venue of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s Science and Technology Summit.

We discuss Turkey’s role in the New Great Game where different world powers are vying for influence.

Strait Talk brings you the much-needed context to stories that are changing the world around us. It airs every Friday at 20:30 GMT on TRT World.

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Much love to all our Turkic brothers and sisters!

Author — Tolgz


God bless Turkey. Great country and people. We all support Turkey here in Somalia.

Author — S Hussein


*These are Atatürk’s statements about Turkic people:*

“Bu gün Sovyetler Birliği dostumuzdur, komşumuzdur, müttefikimizdir. Bu dostluğa ihtiyacımız vardır. Fakat yakında ne olacağını kimse kestiremez. Tıpkı Osmanlı gibi, tıpkı Avusturya-Macaristan gibi parçalanabilir, ufalanabilir. Bu gün elinde sımsıkı tuttuğu milletler avuçlarından kaçabilirler. Dünya yeni bir dengeye ulaşabilir. İşte o zaman Türkiye ne yapacağını bilmelidir. Bizim bu dostumuzun idaresinde dili bir, inancı bir, özü bir kardeşlerimiz vardır. Onlara sahip çıkmaya hazır olmalıyız. Hazır olmak yalnız o günü susup beklemek değildir. Hazırlanmak lazımdır. Milletler buna nasıl hazırlanır? Manevi köprüleri sağlam tutarak. Dil bir köprüdür; tarih bir köprüdür, inanç bir köprüdür. Köklerimize inmeli ve olayların böldüğü tarihimiz içinde bütünleşmeliyiz. Onların bize yaklaşmasını bekleyemeyiz. Bizim onlara yaklaşmamız gerekir. (29 Ekim 1933)”

Translation: *“Today, the Soviet Union is our friend, our neighbour, our ally. We need this friendship. But nobody can tell what will happen soon. Just like the Ottomans, like Austria-Hungary, it can be broken down and crumble. The people they hold in their hands tightly can escape from their palms. The world may reach a new balance. That's when Turkey should know what to do. In the administration of this friend, we have brothers with the same language, faith and origins. We must be ready to take care of them. Being ready is not just silently waiting for that day. We need to get ready. How do the nations prepare for it? By keeping spiritual bridges intact. Language is a bridge; history is a bridge, faith is a bridge. We must delve into our roots and integrate in our history that was broken up by events. We cannot wait for them to approach us. We need to approach them.* (October 29, 1933)

“Türk Birliği’nin bir gün hakikat olacağına inancım vardır. Ben görmesem bile gözlerimi dünyaya onun rüyaları içinde kapatacağım. Türk Birliğine inanıyorum. Yarının tarihi, yeni fasıllarını Türk Birliği ile açacak, dünya sükûnunu bu fasıllar içinde bulacaktır. Türklüğün varlığı bu köhne âleme yeni ufuklar açacak, güneş ne demek, ufuk ne demek o zaman görülecek.(Atatürk’ün Sofrası, İsmet Bozdağ, s.138)”

*I believe that the Turkic Union will someday become a reality. Even if I won’t see it, I will close my eyes to the world in its dreams. I believe in the Turkic Union. The history of tomorrow, will be opened with new chapters of the Turkic Union, and the world will find serenity in these chapters. The existence of Turkicness will open up new horizons in this fusty world, what is the sun, what is the horizon, then will be seen.* (Atatürk’ün Sofrası, İsmet Bozdağ, s.138)

Author — Imay


I love you my all turk brothers and my Muslim brothers

Author — Abdul Quadir


Professor from Moscow knows exactly how to pronounce Tbilisi(never Tiblis). Nice show :D :D :D And the accent is not russian :D

Author — Oleg Rotari


mr. straight talk your volume of sound is low - improve recording so that it is comfortably audible in lap top built in speaker

Author — zakaria kamal


somebody teach this guy how to say Europe properly

Author — elvir salmanov


silk road belt is the golden horn of turkey

Author —


Pakistan stands shoulder to shoulder with its Muslim brothers across the globe.

Author — Creativity Unleashed


don't let american get inside your country.

Author — Farhan


Stalin changed & re-drawn the map of central Asia in order to control, but after fall of Soviets it wasn't changed its map rather maintaining that .. Now Stalin made that map in order to contain vast central Asia by divided & rule for cut its core into pieces ..So all those nations of central Asia must changed their map by unifying themselves into one Nation under the leadership of Astana :)

That's the future indeed 😀

Author — Kazi Maruf


All Turk's born in central asia!And it's normal to visit place were you nationality is born.

Author — Roman Shelest.


Love from INDIAN administered KASHMIR. Erdogan great Turkish leader & politician. Unite not only Turks but all nations & counteries who are exploited by colonial west.👍

Author — Adam Kunzun


Why is every correspondent saying Kazakistan? They all say kazaki Stan when it's pronounced Kazakhstan with no letter I in the mix?

Author — Gary S


Once we establish a great bound with Turkics and Russians. America will no longer be a Threat to the World.

Author — Rula Drise


Love and Peace to all Turks! I am from USA. Palestinian decent.

Author — Adam Rahman


Why dont you talk about turkic world ?!?!?!? (

Author — Penah İbrahimbeyli


The Kazakh look like Hmong are they related because I did a DNA test and I'm 15 percent Central Asian

Author — Pork Yang


you and your word only. you can't do nothing all are coward, I can't find any word for you all coward leaders. you will have to answer to ALLAH, ABOUT YOUR COWARDNESS ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT.

Author — Noble Messenger


allahu - akbar They fail the coupe but sultan Erdogan survive they just made him a madog.and he knows his enemies . today is 100 years without khalifet . muslime world are ready for khalifet

Author —