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Are Gender Roles a Non-Negotiable in your Marriage? Khadeen & Devale talk gender roles in marriage with couples Melissa and Kevin, and Issa and Casie.

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#Black Families

Recorded in 2018

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My father was laid off from General Motors back in the early 80s. Not once did my mother treat him any less than during those 2 yrs. My father added value to the household by taking care of my sister and I before & after school, cooking, and taking care of the house. My mother had a job with a long commute. They may have had their differences but we never saw it. She still respected the man he was. You can add value to a household/home without bringing money in. Woman have been doing it for centuries. My parents have been married 51 years.

Author — Pamela Flynn


All this food on the table and nobody eating lol

Author — Dutch Elite


In a marriage sometimes one is the Anchor, the other the Sail.. The roles are interchangeable depending on the season, but the main objective is to provide support for the other during the journey. I thoroughly enjoyed this dialogue.

Author — Goddess Isis


"Marriage has been rough" says the jobless, homeless man.🤦‍♀️

Author — Keely B


What would it look like for the dreamer to be the woman and not the man, I wonder.

Author — Khosi Zulu


I appreciated how Melissa interjected her story in how she identified with the newly married couple. It immediately brought so much compassion to the environment that I felt they needed. Sometimes just knowing someone understands is a breath of fresh air.

Author — 1Tiffany Lynette


When she said homeless- all of their facial expressions 😂😂

Author — Milagros


Kev smart as hell “ I’m just going to wake up when she wakes up”🤣🤣

Author — Antone Barnes


This just confirmed some of the issues I have with marriage. In most cases it's women who have to sacrifice their dreams, comfort, security and voices for love and to protect the male ego.

Author — Lee Lebethe


My wife and I wouldn't mind sitting on the couch. 14 yrs marriage high school sweet hearts.

Author — Andre Skeete


Issa is a bum. He’s wasting this gorgeous woman’s time.

Author — Mr. Ade


It sounds like struggle love sprinkled with fairy dust. Relationships need to be mutually beneficial for both people. You should be better together!

Author — Love Lynne


👀 Issa married Casie just because she stayed when he was homeless.

Author — Hey Y'all


Oh lawd, so we are just going to act like it's ok to marry a homeless person that don't even claim u, this dude said she is wrong about the time she think they started dating. Teach your daughters better.

Author — Juwel Every ting irie


I honestly didnt care for the message this video is sending! I got nothing but struggle love vibes and settling from this.

Author — LaShunda Carter


I would never allow my son to marry any woman if he couldn't provide financially for himself first and then another woman.
One of the strongest attributes to a healthy, stable marriage is SELF DISCIPLINE and being RESPONSIBLE.
Asking a woman to follow your dream based on a desire to be married is very disrespectful and selfish.

I would never allow my daughter to leave a home her father had worked hard to provide for her into the hands of a man who can not provide for her.

Contrary to society's consistent manipulation, LOVE has never been an emotion. It is a tangible exchange between two people.

Author — Feminine Lounge


So nobody's gonna talk about Casie's gorgeous locs???🥰

Author — The Living Room


“So you said yes to his proposal while he was homeless?”
“That’s dope” 🤣💀the black community gotta do better

Author — oldsoul


Dont get me wrong! I'm happy things worked out for them but I could never date for a man's potential nor will I be the Ride or Die Build a man type of woman.

Author — Summer Night


Why is it that so many black couples date years and years before they marry?

Author — mizzmolly