Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World - Part 2!

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Ninh explains the Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World.
The most obscure sport and strange sports are explained right here by Ninh Ly.

Learn about calcio storico, hornussen, toe wrestling, ferret legging, hobbyhorsing, buzkashi, redneck games, fierljeppen, bo taoshi, ultimate tazer ball, slaps and more.

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Thanks to everyone who made the last 'Top 10 Weirdest Sport in the world' video a huge success.
To celebrate - here's part 2. Enjoy!

Author — Ninh Ly


Of course Afghanistan has a goat involved in their sport

Author — Cromwell the Conqueror


Drunk Chess.

when you capture a piece, take a shot

Author — Ben's Election Forcasting


There is also a female Russian version of the slap contest called "Booty Slapping Championship".

Same idea but instead of slapping each others faces. They slap each others asses untill the other one basically loses balance or quits.

Author — Omoplataha


Ninh, you’ve forgot about Flonkerton, the Icelandic sport of box of paper snowshoe racing

Author — Ben Mogensen


Stay weird Finland
Finland, the Japan of Europe

Author — Omega Black


5:41 Ah, yes, the buttfumble. Truly the pinnacle of our great American sporting tradition

Author — Seize the Memes of Production


Hornussen actually sounds like a fun take on Golf to be honest.
And if you told me about Ultimate Taserball without the video I'd have sworn you were describing a Sega game or something.
Edit: Have you done Figure-8 School Bus Races?

Author — Joshua Cochran


Hobbyhorsing doesn’t seem that weird compared to the others

Author — Branden Emmanuel Woodham


That 'Slaps' game should be called 'Russian Roshambo'... instead of getting kicked in the nards and last man standing wins, they slap the ever loving crap out of each other and the last man standing wins.

Author — Dustin Fike


4:37 Animal Crossing New Horizons intensifies

Author — Edward dela Peña


we have oil wrestling in Turkey. Very mascular men wash up with olive oil and wrestle. :)

Author — Murat Bilgin


Couple more weird finnish sports you havent covered:
Swamp football
Sauna competitions
Swamp volleyball
Air guitar world championship
Swamp wrestling

Author — Samuel Rauhala


Jomboy Media's got to cover some of these. Thanks for putting all this together.

Author — tz


2:29 Hey Ninh, try watching the Squirrels In My Pants music video!

Author — Vim Alcel Naraga


6:46 that really reminds me of Galand of Truth's game. What is it with anime mimicking or using weird games XD

Author — garrondumont


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I clicked for the thumbnail
And so did you

Author — Trusspike15


It's always a good day when ninh uploads.

Author — Adrian Camacho


Two of these sports actually remind me of a particular old show... 🤔
(Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) the show that I saw for the first time...bo taoshi
Whereas the Dutch game, made me think of pole vault on the same exact show... remember my Dutch compatriots... Don’t Get Eliminated. Man I miss that show

Author — dutchfan1


How to win a wet T-shirt contest:

Step 1: be the judge

Author — aXios