Super Bowl Party Stereotypes

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Your Super Bowl party WILL be like this.

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Love your stereotypes guys haha, great fun. Living in Australia, we've never been to a Super Bowl Party.. but looks like we need to get to one! Maybe next year we'll pop round!? Look forward to your next vid!
- How Ridiculous

Author — How Ridiculous


For Super Bowl LIII (53) Who are you going for?

Like = Rams

Reply = Patriots

Let’s get the rams to win.

Author — Zoom Exo


Who is watching this on Super Bowl Sunday

Author — Colin Sheehan


who’s watching this after the saints no call

Author — GPoussonTV


I sell rage moster

Only cost like

Author — Nachuya INGD


Anyone here waiting for Pats vs Rams? 👀

Author — DecisionZ


Who's watching on the 2019 Superbowl?

Read More

Author — Ajay Ath


Who else is watching on super bowl day!

Author — Joseph Pulido


Who else came here for the RAGE MONSTER

Author — Mascot Challenges


Who is whatching this in the 2019 super bowl Im the only one

Author — Savage Cord Plus


Who’s ready for super bowl 53? Like for rams, reply for pats

Author — Max Held


im watching this a week before the superbowl 2019. go



Tyler’s wife is a teacher and just imagine her students watch her be the annoying girl and then that student says to Tyler’s wife the next day:

“Hey miss, nice acting in your Super Bowl stereotypes.”

Author — Toxic Anti-Shot


Hockey Stereotypes:

The enforcer
The annoying parent
The blind ref
The guy who drinks everyone else's water
The slow dresser
The guy who never has tape
The angry coach
Mr dangles
The bender
The guy who can't skate backwards
The guy who celebrates too hard
The diver
The puck hog
The guy who never gets off the ice
The mouth guard chewer
The goalie who lets in everything

Leave your suggestions below!

Author — expwner1


The one person that doesn’t even like football

Author — Ben W


poor Pizza Dude.
One Like = One pizza guy who gets to watch the super bowl.

Author — Jacob Wilkening


Is it me or is Tyler not half bad at singing

Author — Hello There


Who won the 2015 super bowl and who is in November 2018?

Author — Amir Gelle


2:30 yo he is actually a good singer haha

Author — Jack Hammer


The Chiefs deserve that trophie! 2019 anyone?

Author — Rania Zaidi