New Year's Eve: UK sees in 2021 with fireworks and light show πŸ”΄ @BBC News live - BBC

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The UK has seen off 2020 and celebrated the dawn of 2021 with a fireworks and light display over London that included tributes to NHS staff.

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Did i read this tittle correct?! " Covid Tribute " WTF?!?!?!

Author β€” Campbell Moffat


yeah they couldn't even leave the fireworks alone to let us enjoy them without all this covid 19 crap a lot πŸ‘Ή

Author β€” odbman


Right that was the trailer of this decade now it’s the movie

Author β€” George Likes To Draw


The issue is, local surgeries aren't seeing patients. So the patients seek help at A&E.

Author β€” Davetg01


"It's been very LIKE quiet ...so it's just LIKE, it's not LIKE usual". Christ, she would drive me insane

Author β€” david emperor


Essential reading for 2021. β€˜Revolutions and Rebellions’ on Wikipedia.

Author β€” Mediterranean Diet


Imagine as a joke in london with the lights they wrote "ROUND 2"

Author β€” Tardisium Yeetlord


imagine they put a masive image of rick astly with the led lights

Author β€” Anthony Robinson


Happy New Year everyone!!!! From England!!! πŸ˜„

Author β€” Leo Hodges


Doom and Gloom still being shoveled like shit from the

Author β€” Gray UK


am i the only one who thought boris shut that book too quick after using a fountain pen

Author β€” wallacetf


Eyyy Scotland gang also happy new year!!!

Author β€” Blasty


β€œSome hospitals”, name them Katherine, do your job properly.

Author β€” securityrobot


controlling food in order to force vaccine passes to buy it.
your evil government of criminals ladies and gentlemen...

Author β€” Morocco Mole


We are heading for the special relationship.

Author β€” J NΓΌsslein


Wasn't it announced there was not going to be any celebrations

Author β€” Me Me


bbc as of 2nd jan 2020 ..when testimony and hearings show clear fraud in mail in ballots and dead people voting... state substantiated fraud evidence...
'Mr Trump has made numerous unsubstantiated claims that Mr Biden's win, which saw the president-elect gain 306 electoral college votes to his rival's 232, was fraudulent....'

Author β€” artoo detoo


wow the first vid where the O2 was i was standing on the beach by the river at that adsact time i reamember the man and the hart with NHS how did u reord it was it by a helicopter

Author β€” Tatjana Odigbo


A very happy new year πŸ™πŸ™to all around the world I hope get better soon bless u all πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡and all news team 😘😘

Author β€” Meenu Lama


was very dissappointed with the so called display this year... could have done alot better

Author β€” Maz Maz