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Hey Guys! Today I’m going to be jumping on a recent trend (kind of, I’m a little late, but….better late than never?). You guys know how I’m obsessed with painting….basically anything. Well, the Hydro Flask re-usable water bottles have been super popular recently and I’ve seen so many people customizing them. I guess since they are pretty plain, they are just a perfect canvas for decorating and putting your own style on them. I put A LOT of time into 2 different hydro flask water bottles. I’ve noticed quite a few creators doing many of these in one video, but I decided to focus on just 2, and try to do a well-done, detailed design. I decided to paint one of them with acrylic paint and one of them with Posca Paint Pens, in 2 very different themes and styles. One is more “painterly” (we love that word LOL) and the other is a lot more bold and cartoony. I ended up loving how both of these came out, hopefully you guys like them too! If I inspire you to customize your own hydro flask, make sure to tag me on Instagram @MoriahElizabethOfficial.

The Plush is SOLD OUT!! In only 4 hours?!! Like I said, I am not sure when or if this will be back. I will update you guys when I do know. Thanks to everyone who purchased!

Use Code: W1NT3R to get 10% off. This is a TEESPRING ONLY code, it will not work on my shop where the plush is being sold.

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ALSOOOO. Yes, I realize that a goldfish is a freshwater fish. I know you guys are super worried about him. Luckily, I think he'll survive anyway considering THIS OCEAN ISN'T REAL 😂😂

Author — Moriah Elizabeth


What I've learned from the comments: VSCO girls. And I oop. SKSKSKSKS.

okay 😂

Author — Moriah Elizabeth


Moriah: I'm not doing a pastel rainbow design
Everyone: *becomes genuinely concerned*

Author — Tarere Leach


One could say that

that seahorse looks a little bit


Author — Maria Gloria


Did anyone else realize that the first hydro-flask she painted had a sunset but no sun?

Author — Kylie's_Korner2006


Voice over Moriah: making fun of painting Moriah
Editting Moriah: making fun of voice-over Moriah
**I saw this comment somewhere else, I didn't come up with it**

Author — Bella C


Moriah you should do a vid where u paint something that starts with every letter in the alphabet and by the end you have 26 painted items. Like if u agree👍🏻 Edit: thx for all the support, I like reading ur replies so keep writing ideas, criticism, or just anything else! 😊

Author — Kailyn Angel


Moriah: it's a sunset
Everyone: Its a rainbow!
Me: Its a mango.

Author — Neon Narwhal


I recon you should make both bottles into merch. No seriously I’d buy one. I know she can’t make them identical because of the brand.
Anyone else?

And also I’m not begging for likes I just really would like moriah to se this and make this into merch.
So pls don’t come for me.

Author — Karen Standing-knight


Wow, is the VSCO girl trend already that old?

Trends die so quick-

Author — Itz Kawaii Cayenne


"Doing a terrible job of removing the label"
You meant TEARRIBLE?

Author — Alakananda R Nair


She should make an orange fishy inspired squishy!!!

Author — lauren mary



Really nobody:

Moriah: Oh HeLlO tHeRe

Author — Sofia Hoek


Eight Months Ago:
Moriah: iTs jUsT A wAtEr bOTtlE
Everyone Else Back Eight Months Ago: GASPS*

Author — KK Kronicles


"im not going to do a pastel rainbow"
me: who are you and where did you put the real moriah?

Author — aliria


Moriah: I’m kinda just smearing paint around at that point

Me: isn’t that what your supposed to do?

Author — Cat & Holly


These are how many people who love Moriah!!!!


Author — Soccer Dude


moriah: this just shows up out of no where
me: hi notebook
moriah's hilarous past sellf: oH hElLo
me: **dies of laghter**

Author — potterhead lovegood


I just watched this and the whole time I wanted her to do a disney theme one. These are still really really cool though.

Author — Mandy Simmerman


Moriah: “ I’m always playing with slime”.
Squishies: aM i A JOkE tO yOU???!!!😠

Author — xxXSunset ._. RobloxXxx