What's In My Bag

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It’s been almost two years since I did my last “What’s In My Bag” video and I’ve seen you guys requesting this video for a while, so I wanted to take you guys inside my closet to show you the must haves I take everywhere with me!

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this is not a democratic video, without the like/dislikes on

Author — FrankValchiria


I thought this was going to be more realistic, she is just promoting herself or her family.

Author — Marissa


Kylie spraying her perfume is like the girls in my school who says that the classroom stinks lol

Author — Rachel Hove


The skims masks loook like they're made from granny panties

Author — Mishael Arellano


there is one more important than the hand sanitizer missing, wHeRe iS hEr pHonE?

Author — Melih Güllü


its been over a day and i still cant find a single person who asked

Author — help im lost


Kylie: You'll never know it's me.
Also Kylie: wears a mask with her name on it.

Author — Cassidy Baxter


Just imagine seeing your name a million times a day 😳 I would literally hate my name from seeing it too much 😂

Author — Ola Shaman


If I called my mom by her first name I would get backslapped to China

Author — Lizzabeth Edits


*It’s funny how she don’t say mom she says “Kris Jenner”*

Author — PlusGameplay


I imagine Kylie’s like

“Wait a damn minute let me put the kylie skin in the bag wait omg”

Author — HopeStar _Sunshine


This called me poor in every single language.

Author — Raphael Attard


Hop in ladies and gentlemen, we gonna find out who tf asked

Author — Short Stan


When you're so deep in the marketing that even your bag is one big marketing gimmick.

Author — rissaroo132


Spoiler Alert: All the stuff in the background are in her bag.

Author — DudyWoody


Well I’m gonna flex; My bag CANNOT be forgotten, it is literally sewed in.... bet Kylie can’t beat that

It’s called pant pockets that I store my keys and wallet...

Author — Sneaky Bike17


"What's in my bag"
8 minute Kylie Jenner product commercial

Author — p t


This is just a promo for her unreleased products lmfaoooo

Author — nancy anaya


“Here’s what people paid me to put in my bag to show you.”

Author — R L


Omg I hate it when they call their mom “Kris Jenner”

Author — Nicole Hernandez