Paying My Twin $10,000 Every Time We Argue

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We had twin probs...

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💬 Comments on the video

“We need to stop fighting”
Ethan: “I’m gonna go annoy Grayson in the kitchen”

Author — Natalie Rodgers


"Grayson is having 7 different converstations with himself right now"
I have never related more to a person in my life

Author — Blossom Official


When someone says to “calm down” that pisses me off even more. Like when E says it to Grayson I understand why they get mad at eachother💀💀

Author — Chunk Sawastuk


So no one is going to talk about how awkward they were while promoting those earplug thingies????😂😂😂😂

Author — miko foin


Let’s be honest. They argued over who is giving who the money in the thumbnail

Author — Ava Cantley


“You sounds like a walrus eating celery”
*no one*
Grayson: “probably because I’m the superior twin”

Author — Ava Foy


Ethan: Teslas are good for the environment

Also Ethan: Waste a lot of water to get Grayson mad

Author — Olympia Garzon


I’m casually snacking on crackers and when Grayson said he’s more “Robust” I started laughing and I choked 😅😅

Author — Gaby Rodriguez-Felix


The Twins: *Getting upset every time they have to give each other money*
Me: "Don't they share a bank account...?"

Author — Shaina Fredlender


E- “DoNT make it like ThAt!”

G- “b..but it WAS like that!!”

Author — Lovely Lemon


• Don’t initiate a fight/argument

Both initiating fights for money 😭

Author — Jackson Watson


Okay I can’t be the only one who thinks the kitchen was literally provoking an argument which was like rule #1

Author — Kerrin White


“Grayson is having seven different conversations with himself right now.”

Honestly, MOOD

Author — Lovely Lemon


Ethan and Grayson: We need space
Also them: *sharing a blanket*

Author — Vera Melcher


Dolan twins- we argue too much, so let’s make a challenge to help us argue less.... but let’s set each other up for failure 😂😂😂😂

Author — OkaySheree


Ethan: “initiating an argument should be part of it”
Also Ethan: “He is the most vulnerable in the kitchen, I’m going to try to make some money”

Author — Natalie Leal


*Paying my father’s offspring every single time he decides to verbally abuse me.*

Author — OG Purified_MelOons


"we're gonna stop arguing cause that's the whole point of this"
literally TWO SECONDS later
Ethan "I'm gonna go get in his way as much as possible"

Author — Hannah Coleman


The Dolan twins: “The point of this is to stop arguing with each other”
Also the Dolan Twins: purposefully antagonizes the other twin the entire video to get the other to start an argument

Author — Nicole Poligala


When they don’t say “WHATS UP GUYS WERE

Author — Daneeka Mekisic