Women In Politics w/ Caretaker for West Rural St. Andrew, Krystal Tomlinson

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Welcome to Women in Politics!

In this episode, we feature President of the People's National Party Youth Organization, PNPYO, and caretaker for the West Rural St Andrew seat.Krystal Tomlinson.

She’s an Author, Brand Elevation Strategist, Entrepreneur, Internationally
Ranked Speaker, Emotional Intelligence Coach and mother.

HOST: Khadine "Miss Kitty" Hylton

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We will feature Women in Representational politics from both sides of the fence, capturing them in their natural environment, such as their office, home, constituency, etc.


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Juliet Cuthbert Flynn gave her a shellacking on election day. Krystal from you called Andrew Holness Hitler I know you would not win your too renk and out of order.

Author — Momment of Truth


Well you sounded very intelligent but you end up in the wrong party of politics if you want to help and explore politics

Author — Duke Yarkshere


Krystal did very well. Like her a lot, very positive, critical thinker and the sky is the limit.

Author — SN SN


Really, girl,you have problem that Krystal promoting a young woman small business get a hold on your self, i see pure envy in you, gosh, for a young woman, you should be for another woman with a business.why don, t you start a business also ? also Natalie, bad mind.

Author — Donnie B


Dem muss stop run dirty politics good name calling nothing derogatory

Author — Angella Pink


Unimpressive should be ashamed boasting about her bad behavior in school. Not member of parliament quality, glad she lost.

Author — Danisha Williams


Krystal at the age of thirty you have accomplish a lot, not many can say that you go girl shine you're a rising star. 🏆

Author — Sonia Montaque


You are a bright woman, very intelligent and I know you will go very far. Can't help but feel though that you lost because you are seen as one of Beenie man's many baby
So there are questions about your morals in a church community

Author — Lorraine Nembhard


Darn it! Out on the road now. Will watch it as soon as I get in.

Author — Liz Jamaicana


Krystal you have so much light to shine, believe it or not you’re the future of Politics!!

Author — Tamelia Wh


Krystal still have the belly from the baby....since she lost she can spend the next few years working on her body. After my first n second babies my tummy never stay suh high.

That aside, why is this being shown after elections??? Unno do Krystal bad...least unno could have done was upload the interview after elections it serve verry little purpose now!

Author — Stacy JD



Author — Celebrity Looks


I am wondering what good labourite a do fe de country all de look me a look me ca se it

Author — Bloomy Coleman


How Beenie man can be a student of MM, he was born in the 70s. By the time him have sense, MM retired

Author — Georgia S. Kalawan Miller


If you're so intelligent and articulate, then why yuh join the PNP?. So stupid.

Author — Chad Hamilton


Krystal jump ship from now. You bright and beautiful, PNP done fah.

Author — Island Princess


Crystal Tomlinson is a good girl, but she turn me off when she mention that the PNP must rev up its propaganda Machine against the JLP. Has a young person trying to excel in politics thats the wrong road to go down. The thing with most of these young people in the PNP is that they are not humble enough, they are too braggadocious and hype, people like crystal Tomlinson, Damion Crawford, Dr Andre Haughton and Dayton Campbell etc.

Author — Belly one


I do like krystal but I don't think it's her time right now She do have some good ideas and I think that she Genuinely means good I just think that she is on the wrong team at this time People do want change but when they see someone who have been doing good for them they are not going to change and they already changed When the PMP loss to the JLP and the JLP is doing good for the people so people are not going to just change again right now but I generally do like her ideas and her come Passion for people and I do believe she don't all back but like I said you are on the wrong side right now and I don't think it's anything to do with you personally why you didn't win

Author — Ouriel Dussard


Miss Kitty that's a JLP seat now. Krystal Biggest Mistake was when she called Andrew Holness Hitler dam renk and out of order. That's why we vote for JLP so that chatterbox like she doesn't go in parliament

Author — Momment of Truth


Crystal and Imani should be considered for senators by Peter Phillips. I hope he has enough vision to see at least that. But something tells me the old dinosaurs like K D Knight and Lambert Brown will be selected once more.

Author — Firmin Henry