The town forgotten in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

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One of the worst affected areas after Hurricane Dorian is Abaco Island - where thousands of residents are homeless and still waiting for help days after the storm.

Sky's chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay visited an unnamed town which was home to 2,000 people - but which has been completely destroyed.

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Your actions n the video are commendable. a rare thing to see some one treat people as people in journalism today

Author โ€” Because it's current year


A tiny remnant of survivors. They.seem shell-shocked. Very touching story.

Author โ€” Targeted Individual


The little boy saying YES SIR. To the man, I haven't heard that in years here in america.I asked JESUS PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY.they got to get out of there..GOD BE WITH US ALL.

Author โ€” Mary Hodgenson


What's the government doing, send the army in to help these people.



They NEED to get the survivors OFF that place and THEN get to fixing it.. get the people OUT!!

Author โ€” Mary Mclocke


I wish someone could set up a 'Adopt A Family', in addition to the current and traditional ways of donating to a cause. Sending needed items and also writing pen-pal letters to make it more personable. Putting faces to names and allowing these poor people to share whatever they want, if they want. I've always heard that putting your thoughts down on paper can help one to heal. My heart breaks for every one of them. It is just too much to comprehend.

Author โ€” Patti Pacana


Getting to them is difficult roads are gone or impassable the helicopter found them and dropped in and gave em what they had. At least now they can tell others and get more helicopters to land and bring aid and or offer to evacuate them this won't be rebuilt anytime soon.

Author โ€” Steve Wilcox


I hope that the crew take them out with them, can't believe these people are still there. WHY IS THERE NO HELP.๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

Author โ€” gail boyle


May Lord bless them with another life

Author โ€” Ibrahim Haneef


God please take mercy on these precious people. Help them, restore them, and let them smile again, in Jesus name, Amen!

Author โ€” tune


This are where the working class and the poor lived ! This was a targeted Mudd hit !

Author โ€” Fake


He said one of the oil tanks emptied itself but in that footage I saw at least 3 empty. This is a true disaster.

Author โ€” Concepcion30


Dominican Haitians living in the Bahamas have it bad.

Author โ€” Julius Tovar


excellent reporting - telling the story and helping at the same time.

Author โ€” reg ister


GODSPEED TO ALL...thanks or helping those people. my heart goes out to them.

Author โ€” quest 77051


No doubt a wealthy company owns the oil operations there! They have no excuse to delay cleanup!

Author โ€” Kathy Bradbury


Why isn't there enough help for those people

Author โ€” Linda Clark


Seems like they can get reporters in faster than them getting the people out....sad...!!

Author โ€” ShaQ McFlyy


Those who are "going back" to the ruins, is part of the natural healing process, they must not be inhibited or they will not heal properly, and have no closure, and resentment for those who stop them.

Author โ€” YahshuaLovesMe


For a nation to leave its people to fend for themselves, is not a nation worthy to be one at all.

Author โ€” GreatScott