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For the first time members of Kenya’s counter-terrorism police admit to “eliminating” suspected Muslim radicals.

Speaking exclusively to Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, officers from four units of Kenya’s counter-terrorism apparatus admitted the police assassinate suspects on government orders.

They claim that the order to assassinate is made by the National Security Council, a body chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
The film examines how extra-judicial killings are seemingly becoming normalized, thirteen years after the so-called ‘War on Terror’ was declared.

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well I now have a newfound respect and tremendous appreciation for Kenya.

Author — J C


"If you won't kill them, they will kill you"🙄🙄 the killing is planned by high ranking officers in Nairobi

Author — Kevoh Wa Pipeline Transami


"A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy''- Guy Fawkes

Author — Emmah J


As a Kenyan citizen, I would like this guy to do an investigation behind alshabaab having killed over 100 piloce officers in the last one year

Author — Jude Mbithi


It is interesting How this piece tries to paint Terrorist as victims of police brutality....Aboud Rogo was recruiting youths to kill fellow Kenyans....He was filmed training them....It is true we have death squad....They were first created to Eliminate the Mungiki and are now killing Extremists....But if the Judiciary has failed or if the law is weak in tackling Terrorism do we Sit and watch as these Demented Extremist continue Killing Innocent You declare Jihad be prepared to face the Infidel.

Author — selah james


"You will never win this war if your opposition is ready to die" anonymous 

Author — Khalid Balajem


if a muslim sheikh who is radical says youths should carry AK47S on their shoulder ..isnt he already in war? ..soo sometimes not always..kenya is just retaliating

Author — I IM MANDAH


useless traitors.How can you reveal such info?Just for a few coins I presume.Cheap sellouts.

Author — Andrew Kiptoo


soo whats the issue?some peolpe killed for preaching by the gun and getting what they ultimatly wanted? 2. very lopsided documentary, obivious what al jezera wanted to acheive, despondecy, religious intollerance, and ultimately instill fear into the minds of kenyans. lets not be cowed, please practice some responsible journalism, this is avery reckless put togeter peice of work. i know that violence and hatred is what the media thrives on, but this needs to be done in a more cultura, historical and more factual manner.

Author — El Lion


Thank you Al Jazeera and the journalist to enlighten us the public and exposing heinous crimes committed by government, it needs to stop.

Author — Salim Abdillah


Allah(s.w) knwz both seen & unseen . We are very weak to judge & 0nly Him is de Best judge. May He unconsealed the truth.

Author — Mohammed Sadam Farah


this might be some form of incitement to bring a religious division among kenyans, we are not ready for it

Author — Kelvin Barasa


Am a kenya i love my neighbors i want peace. This pple want my fellow kenyans dead. There is a swahili saying before digging a grave for a neighbors dig ur own

Author — king fourth


Am not a Muslim but this is not the way to go because if we go on like this it will lead to war with somali which the US itself was unable to stop. I believe keanya is fighting a war that is not supposed to fight let us witdraw our force from somali n seal our boards but I know there are big pple brokers in government who will not like this war to end coz they r receiving blood dollars from the US.

Author — evans Kibayi


The accents sound doctored because they are using a voice manipulation system. These are Kenyans

Author — Bea Trendy


Since I was employed I have eliminated at least 50

Author — Maina Ngatia


i feel no mercy for terrorists, i saw what they did to my friends in Garissa University . I i happen to be shot by mistake, it is not bad at all, man is to error

Author — Titus Dishon


Most of the information in this documentary cannot be verified. All this journalist has done was fuel a religious angle to the war on terror and made himself famous.

Author — daniel kamunya


Those cop interviews are too forthcoming.. if they were really part of such an organization they wouldn't be

Author — Chris Mbiu


Hit them hard. Smoke them out of their hiding places

Author — Sammy Karanja