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The military technology of the future. Battle robots and spy neural networks. Military Technology 2020. US military technology. The U.S. Army. Military technology of the world.

In this issue, quantum stealth technology, robotic pilots, robotic tanks from the Terminator, sound guns that blow up the brain, laser and plasma weapons, and other incredible military technologies developed today.

Innovative military technologies and inventions, quantum stealth technology, military drones, concepts, military intelligence technology and much more. Only interesting and surprising facts.

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PRO Robots is not just a channel about robots and future technologies, we are interested in science, technology, new technologies and robotics in all its manifestations, science news, technology news today, science and technology news 2020, so that in the future it will be possible to expand future release topics. Today, our vlog just talks about complex things, follows the tech news, makes reviews of exhibitions, conferences and events, where the main characters are best robots in the world! Subscribe to the channel, like the video and join us!

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"Optical camouflage, huh? I hope that's not your only trick"

Author — Just Random


3:16 alon musk neuralink working on that currently.



I want have an invisibility cloak from the light refracting material!! Stealth!

Author — Mark Rufener


We are doomed. Pick your choice of destruction.

Author — Jacke7111


What do you think is the best military robot?



4 minutes- ish The Pentagon is planning swarms of drones that will be controlled by thought- Wait a second? Are you really used Groupon “Happy Birthday” as background music here?

Author — Bruce Mitchell


CLICKBAIT thumbnail every time.. sucks

Author — David Popa


⚜️🎖️🏆🎖️⚜️ Marvelous. Technologies ⚜️🎖️⚜️.

Author — Carole-Anne De Kalbermatten


I'm really concerned about the future. These robots could serve humanity to help achieve unimaginable things, but they could be used to absolutely destroy us. It's scary. I hope our governments will be smart enough to be responsible with these...

Author — BigBossMilky


Autonomous robots might very well become land mines that walk around. Not something I want to see, however as with any weaponized technology, a defensive counter-technology will eventually arise to combat them.

Author — Push Back


These are not even up to date, so what's coming isn't a good thing for the lost.

Luke 21:35 KJV
For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

Author — Max Power


..and WHO do you think all these new wonderful technologies are to be used on? In this time of the PLANNED SCAMdemic used to implement the fascist New World Order system where ALL militaries of the world are working together.. who is the enemy? (Hint: you are!).
We are in what the globalist elites are calling "THE GREAT RESET". Which is the total destruction of the world economies with the introduction of "a social credit system" as we see in china. Only this time on steroids!
Please research: Event 201, microsoft blockchain patent, coronavirus patents (patents owned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). And read the book "COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET" by Klaus Schwab (Executive Chairman for The World Economic Forum).
Take the vaccine with nanobots and YOU will be patented by Microsoft: The future is NOT bright.. it will be an Orwellian nightmare!!!
Ps. Total corona deaths: 1.000.000 of a world population of = 0.00014285 %percent% chance of dying from covid. And for that the whole world is locked down.. WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!

Author — artmannify