Kashmir Wins, Pak Stooges Lose | The Debate With Arnab Goswami

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For every innocent who died
For every soldier who martyred
For every jawan who was insulted
For every widow who wept
For every orphan left alone

And for every home in which a son is just a photograph

Justice has been done, and this means blood so be it....

Author — kavitha...


Gazab kaa hai din Dekho Zara
Ye dewanaa pan dekho Zara ..

Omar Abdullah: humbi akele
Mehabooba: Tumbi akele
Amithsha: maza aa raha hai?
Indians : kasam se 😜😜😜

Just for fun 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — MYTHILI mythili


kashmir is freed from the clutches of bloody greedy politicians. kashmir will prosper. bharat mata ki jai. jai hind. modi modi modi. 5th August 2019 is a historic day.

Author — Sunil Chowta


Just the begining of a huge Growth Story !
Vandey Mataram!!!

Author — World Ghoomo


Congress virus of India . Modi antivirus in process.

Author — jai ho


modi government please make strict laws to control population

Author — Saumya Priyadarshini


Actually it's a fun who are opposing because they all are digging their own Graves.They will never ever be elected in ne ekections in future because they are ignoring AMBEDKAR.

Author — Alex Dsouza


Hope common Kashmiris will understand, it is for their betterment and this nation only... the only problem will be face by only separatist leaders who brainwashed common youth of Kashmiris and terrorist organisations. Jobs will come, education will improve, more economic development and most importantly Kashmiris will get more connectivity with the rest of the Indians, love and peace...and no way Indian govt. Now let outsiders like UN or US interfere our internal matters at all, they have no right and no authority, as a fastest growing nation of this world which is 7th in the world and as a very responsible and largest democratic nation of this world we are capable enough to resolve our matters...request modi govt. To never ever come under any kind of pressure becz of UN or US...and now we will hear some dog barkings from tukde gangs from JNU, as usual, please don't give them any attention, these basterds and pseudo seculars will try to create some dirty scenes, but we common Indians know how important 370 removal is...

Author — Prakash ganesh


130 crore alive and all souls who lost their body to save our nation now giving their every best wishes to Mota Vai. I am in them too. Now save peace in Kashmir and bring prosperity there. U might have just secured your 400+ for your next term it seems dear BJP. Best wishes my Honorable Home Minister.

Author — Suman Nath


As soon as new organisation should start working for development in j&k and ladakh

Author — Rahul Jaiswal


When India giving so much n still Kashmir remained poor Bcz of corruption of few families I m shocked this bloody Kasmiri is still playing victim card? Garib hai...to? Tere bap ki galti hai samjhe? Teri waja se Garib hai...maro in corrupt kasmiriyo Ko....mat suno inki...mera bas chale aaj hi mar dalu.

Author — manisha ghimire


Who the hell are these people opposing this bill? Koi nai believe kar raha hai aapke ye faaltu jhoot.. This is good for the nation. High time this was done (more than 70 years in the Congress Raaj)

Author — Shibani


What are these people in opposition asking for? Did they want to merge with Pakistan? How foolish of them to oppose what is happening. By integrating with the progressive Indian economy, the Kashmiri population will be the winner. The corupt politicians and their supporters are opposing this because they will no longer be able to continue to exploit the Kashmiri population. Very glad that the Modi government took decisive action to root out this corruption and terrorism! Thank you Arnab for putting together a very good debate! Jai Hind!

Author — Sunny Arora


Congress party is crying because these mafia families in kashmir...have neen funding congress for years.

Author — Rajiv Dhall


Kashmir corrupt leaders so far remained with failing state pakistan and not willing to develop and use it as only a Islamic terror state, whereas the khashmiris love india and wanted to get education, job, developments.

Author — Suresh VK


You know what the saying is all good things must come to end for these corrupted politicians like mehbobha

Author — karosha Budhram


Pls learn from Russian president Mr Putin Ji, how he got back the territory from Ukraine .use the same or some of the idea and get back PoK.

Author — Biju Karunakaran


I Salute Our Armed Forces. Jai Ho Tiger Modiji Ke jai. Bharat MATHA Ke jai.

Author — anand panjwani


Clean Bold All Out in First Over Cricketer PM .Now engage your Army to search ball in Karakoram High Way .

Author — Ved Prakash Sharma


Next step for Modiji must be to seize ill gotten wealth of Kashmiri corrupt politicians and their families and seperatist stooges of Pakistan.Most important seize passports of them to prevent an escape by them with the loot.