El Chapo | GoPro Helmet POV Footage of Raid Capturing Joaquin Guzman

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El Chapo | GoPro Helmet POV Footage of Raid Capturing Joaquin Guzman4.5
The drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman (commonly known as El Chapo) was captured following his escape from a Mexican prison in July 2015.

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For those making jokes, this is some real action, not just die and respawn and not blood on the screen. You get shot once, you'll be in critical condition or can die. Respect to the Mexican Marines.

Author — DatCarGuy310


*Fact: Noone wants to be the guy that has to look under the bed or be the first one on the ladder up to the attic.*

Author — Z&N F & S & J


8 marines vs 20+ drug dealers and just one marine got shot wow

Author — BN Bandit


Guy in the red is savage and his kit is 10/10

Author — burnsybros


Ladies and gentlemen

We got em

Author — Sam Drummond


The guy in the red jacket (I'm assuming team leader) is like a one man army. Throwing grenades, giving himself cover fire, storming the front lol. What a badass.

Author — Jim Raynor


Crazy how it’s literally a war zone in one house😂

Author — Ayitztay


I look at the walls
I look at the smoke
I look at the toxic communication
One thing comes to my mind
*Rainbow Six : Siege*

Author — Matisse


Grenade guy: Now, this is where you bend over...

*throws grenades and storms in a la Rambo*

Author — We read your paragraph, We fuckin’ laughed


it would be funny if the gopro channel posted this

Author — pseudo intellectual


Excelente intervencion de las fuerzas especiales de la marina armada dé mexico!

Author — ismael kintero


everyone: nothing
my family at 6 in the morning when i want to sleep:

Author — Lukáš Lyhaj


The new Mexican Rainbow Six DLC looks pretty great

Author — lebron james


As always my favorite: "GRANADA" 1:12

Author — Daniel Munguia


They captured this bastard nicely. Good job guys.

Author — JRB69


Who else thought that grenade blew up in his hand

Author — Steven Bosco


Damn. You got in on my nerves just watching. I cant imagine being there. Pure adrenaline!!!!

Author — Israel Borquez


fun fact they were looking for a different guy at first they never knew el chapo was there until they found him

Author — Gio Toshua


Great respect to Mexican Marines from India.

Author — Snehal Saurabh


Man these soldiers are courageous and all respect ✊

Author — Pesos Fly beats