El Chapo | GoPro Helmet POV Footage of Raid Capturing Joaquin Guzman

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The drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman (commonly known as El Chapo) was captured following his escape from a Mexican prison in July 2015.

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For those making jokes, this is some real action, not just die and respawn and not blood on the screen. You get shot once, you'll be in critical condition or can die. Respect to the Mexican Marines.

Author — DatCarGuy350


"This raid was made possible by our sponsor, Adidas"

Author — Sliceey


The Mexican marines are some of the only people not infiltrated by the cartels. So I got mad respect for them and everything they do

Author — OneEye Gaming


Girls going to Mexico for a vacation: Ugh, I bet the internet isn’t even good!

Boys going to Mexico for a vacation:

Author — Ethan Perry


Neighbor: "Not this again!" **folds pillow over head**

Author — soulassassin0g


I like how they’re all wearing full tact-gear and camo and then theirs that one guy wearing a red adidas track jacket.

Author — Trooper Biggs


Airsofter: wear full modern warfare gear suit
Special force: wear his favourite red sweater to a mission

Author — Geronimo


The Mexican Equivalent to the Bin Laden job, respect to the brave souls who carried out the op

Author — El Güero Tapatío


El Chapo looking outside his window and seeing the guy in the red sweatshirt:
*ahhh, why is my soccer teacher already here?*

Author — iamjustgooder


Me: *sleeping comfortably*

My family at 11:00 pm:

Author — Justin Bolivar


i can't imagine how scary that had to be

Author — ZEPHYR


America- *knocks on the door with warrant
Mexico- * Throws 8 frags and 50 rounds into the kitchen.

Author — Grant Palmer


When you risk your life for a deadly mission and everyone talkin abt one guy who wore red adidaa track.

Author — Anish Hota


No one:
Red shirt guy: So you have chosen death.

Author — casadilla111


When the Mexican special forces go on action, there’s no drug cartel that can stop it. Thanks for protecting us marines!

Author — Jose Luis Rodriguez Ortiz


Other Special Forces: Silent and tactical
The Mexican Military: *Casually lobs a Frag around the corner while wearing a red sweater*

Author — The Nopefather


My respects to Mexican Marines and all the people who serve in military ..

Author — A. Kaan Ceylan


0:20, when your custom character shows up in a cutscene

Author — Josh Andrei


Respect the Mexican Marines. This is hardcore hit. Damn !

Author — Pranai RAI


My respects to Mexican Marines and all the people who serve in military <3

Author — PJ