All Sports Golf Battle 4

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Time for another fantastic round of All Sports Golf... with Zac Efron!!

Music by The Phantoms:

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“Good As Gold”
Performed by The Phantoms
Courtesy of Peer-Southern Productions, Inc.
Written by Andrew Bissell
© Peermusic III, Ltd. o/b/o itself and Andrew Bissell Music (BMI)
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💬 Comments on the video

*its super cool having Zac Efron as a special guest without using his name in the title.*

Author — Football Club


They know they made it in life when they don’t have to put Zac Efron in the title

Author — Emma Blevins


Who knew they would go from trick shots in a backyard to playing sports with celebritys

Author — Trixter


Me as a football(soccer) fan: * sees people kicking with their toes*
Me again: wait, that’s illegal

Author — Alan Daeyeon Kim


Wait, so who contacted who? Was this Zac Efron’s idea to play together or DP’s?

Author — Michael Castro


imagine having zac efron as a special guest and not having to use his name in the title for clicks

Author — Sam Bullingham


Zac just exposed DP.... “spray painted?” 😂

Author — Paulette White


Cody: got soccer out of the way, a win
Cory: brought his bag, a win
Everyone has his own win

Author — dev singh


who’s here after coby’s first win of 2020

Author — Barcafan10 #Barca


When you look at Garrett he looks like he is zoned out

Author — Justin Ponce


Documentary watchers know who wins before watching

Author — Throne


Who also noticed that Garret never hung up his phone after he was eliminated?

Author — Ethan Creutz


You guys should do an all sports baseball battle with MrBeast and his friend Chandler

Author — Vivienne Moonhall - Moony


I’m literally watching high school musical 2 right now and I love Zac efron

Author — Caleb Briggs


he really said "we have a beautiful hole to finish on"

Author — KromkaChleba69


Imagine just becoming rich with your bestfriends and still get more money by having fun with your bestfriends this group is soo blessed

Author — king_pina18


Dude Perfect in 2025 : Slicing an atom into Protons, electrons and neutrons

Author — 김태현


“This is all I have left. This tiny little square . No wait circle? Ah egg “ 😂

Author — jungan lee


Lol Cody on Zach’s first shot he said “he got it out of the way” later a few of the guys say it might be their favorite item

Author — Cool Stuff 4U


What happened to the panda dude, from like 8 years ago.

Author — ExtremeFire - GFX And More!