Turkish forces clash with Kurdish fighters in Syria - BBC News

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Around sixty thousand people have fled their homes in North Eastern Syria on the second day of a major air and ground assault by Turkish forces. There's been heavy fighting in the central border region. Some civilians have been killed and dozens more have been injured on both sides of the border. Turkey's President Erdogan regards the Kurdish fighters in Syria as terrorists - he claims more than a hundred have been killed.

Turkey is trying to seize land just inside the border to create what it claims is a "safe zone" in Syria to settle some of the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled the eight-year war.

Sophie Raworth presents a roundup of the day's news with the BBC's International Correspondent Orla Guerin, Middle East Correspondent Quentin Sommerville and North America Editor Jon Sopel.

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Kurds abandoned by the USA for a second time. History repeats itself

Author — LJ Baggers


Human history has proven one simple rule: The weak has no rights. Will be slaughtered with thousands noble reasons. Syria the latest victim tells all.

Author — Loosa Barba


Hey BBC why don't you show Muhammed Omar (9 Month old) and Elif Terim (11 Years old). They've been killed by mortar fire from YPG. 7 civilians have died and 48 is injured. Is that what you call neutral policy ?.

Author — Reis Joseph


BBC deletes comments that says reality of the Syrian war!

Author — oz zy


in future syrian war will be quantum mechanics for history students

Author — musaib parray


“Maintain a constant war to an invisible enemy (terrorism) and the masses will accept totalitarianism in portions...because they are afraid.”

Author — Γιάννης Χαρικαπολυς


PKK: Accepted as terrorist organization by EU and NATO.
YPG: Syrian wing of PKK accepted as Kurdish fighters by EU and NATO. :D

Author — Emre Kutlu




Aliens - Allah wakubar!islam is peace

Author — Mwangi Irungu


Save rojava ✌ Bje Kurd & Kurdistan

Author — Hakar Sadiq


ISIS fighter says they have demands as humans, human
how many rights did they give their victims?
Behead them all.

Author — paul rathbun


The whole world knows that the Kurds have defended all of Europe countrys to this day, fighting the isis, and now have to protect kurds all over the world.

Author — full dizi


First supply them weapons and then pull away to led them in a beautiful civil war

Author — Devanshu Sharma


Kurdish you always on my prayers much love from 🇿🇦

Author — Muzijuniour Hlela91 Muzivusi


That's a laugh coming from the British ISIS fighter saying that prisoners have rights. ISIS used to slice of the heads of their prisoners.

Author — Mark Green


"Causing terror and causalities" as if Turkey isn't doing the same tenfold....

Author — Killuminati 47


There is a god and will judge them all one day!

Author — M Kalabota


BBC like virtual Shakespeare! "Telling" stories, poems. But damn, how they lie very professionally! mfg...

Author — Jeka Jeka


Bunu gören Türk'lere sesleniyorum.

Cahile ne derseniz deyin anlamazlar. Bir okyanus var aramızda ama olanları onlar tabii ki daha iyi anlar bırakın kendi hallerine. Amerikalılar bize laf ediyor ama kimse onların yaptığı tüm bir ırkı kurutan soykırım dan söz etmiyor :)

Author — PanzerGoBrrr


Turkey's trying to wipe the Kurds off the map, and it doesn't seem like the Kurdish Armed Forces have much of a chance against the Turkish Army..
Syria will never recover from this Civil War..

Author — 405 BOY


Stop the war now, some body take life for the many, save the children, this gril lose hise leg for what

Author — marko novakovic