From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin

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Putin’s intent on pushing back against the Western world order... and it appears to be working.


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Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? By Karen Dawisha

Vladimir Putin has been ruling Russia since 1999. In that time he has shaped the country into an authoritarian and militaristic society. The Soviet Union dissolved into 15 new countries, including the new Russian Federation. In Putin’s eyes, Russia had just lost 2 million square miles of territory. But Putin’s regime has also developed and fostered the most effect cyber hacker army in the world and he’s used it to wreak havoc in the West. But the election of Donald Trump brings new hope for the Putin vision. Trump’s rhetoric has been notably soft on Russia. He could lift sanctions and weaken NATO, potentially freeing up space for Putin’s Russia to become a dominant power once again.

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Putin: From spy to president
Trump: From WWE actor to president

Author — Mukunda Chaudhary


Russia: Only president for 8 years, max.

Putin: ♾

Author — The Chad Dexter


*Being Putin’s bodyguard is the safest job on this planet earth.*

Author — Mihir Thacker


Things that can't be changed:
1. Life
2. Death
3. Queen Elizabeth II
4. The President of Russia

Author — margareth michelina


*When Putin comes to your house, he gives YOU the Wifi password.*

Author — Mihir Thacker


I like how they put sanctions on Russia, but nobody puts sanctions on the US and allies for invading innocent countries and commiting the war crimes. Beautiful.

Author — Kliman Khmeron


See in Russia, Putin didn't become the president, the president Became Putin....

Author — Skeppyy


Two immortal beings on Earth:

The Queen of England
The President of Russia

Author — 神zKBlank


as russian I can say only one thing: yo tf with that subtitles, they're completely wrong

Author — Caramel's World


people: all asians look the same

russian presidents for the last 20 years:

Author — Issa Abdi


I just realised: if you were making a film about Putin's life, Daniel Craig would be a very good choice

Author — Subscribe For A Great Content


i can say, that the translation at 3:13 is EXTREMELY wrong. he said "we need to carefully take care of each situation", and nothing about mad dogs or anything like that. also, many other translates are not true, such as the nuclear text. vox is trying to make everyone's vision of Putin even more bad, and the info of Putin controlling all state television programs is a lie. many news sources in Russia make articles about how some people don't like Putin and how, and everything's okay. vox, just stop lying. i know that the situation in Russia isn't the best, but stop lying. i feel awful to correct normal facts for vox, and I hope no one falls as a victim to some of vox's lies.

Author — MR. GRIMES


He's basically the Russian version of Queen Elizabeth, undying.

Author — Tommy Brad


*Putin's visiting a Russian elementary school.*
Putin: Any questions? Ok, you, you in the back. What's your name?
Child: My name is Ivan.
Putin: Well, what is your question, Ivan?
Ivan: I only have one question. Why did you invade Crimea?
Putin: Well, good question, but —
*Lunch bell rings*
*After lunch:*
Putin: Any questions? Ok, you, in the red shirt.
Child: Yes, I have three questions. Why did you invade Crimea? Why did the lunch bell ring? *Where is Ivan?*

Author — Explained


Love him or hate him, you can't deny the fact that he is a genius.

Author — Talha Hasan


vox : * makes putin looks bad *
Putin And The internet : * Laughs In slav *

Author — I uwu did something for once


Imagine being Russian and calling someone out for being an alcoholic.

Author — Sweney


Putin has been in power for literally my entire life

Author — Vipere


When Putin was 18 his parents left the house.

Author — ZAIN ツ KING ツ


If aliens ever invade Earth, I want this man to lead Humanity.

Author — Kiss of Death