President Moon, Turkish President Erdogan hold summit meeting at Blue House

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문재인 대통령, 터키 에르도안 대통령과 오늘 정상회담

President Moon Jae-in hosted his Turkish counterpart at the nation's top Office of Cheong Wa Dae today.
Recep Teyyip Erdogan is the first leader to visit Seoul since last week's historic inter-Korean event.
Hwang Hojun has the highlights from the summit. It was a meeting of the leaders of two countries seen as Kan Kardes,... meaning 'blood brothers' in Turkish,... and they agreed to boost their bilateral ties... even more.
After a welcoming ceremony, the two leaders held a summit at the Blue House,... highly evaluating their 61 years of bilateral cooperation and their long-standing friendship,...

"As bretheren nations, I am glad that the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Turkey have continually cultivated a strategic partnership based on a historical and emotional fellowship."

,... and also,.... the recent summit between President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

"On behalf of the Turkish people, I want to congratulate you on the success of the inter-Korean summit. I dare say it will continue to have a massive impact in contributing to world peace."

In modern times, the two countries have have come together at crucial times. Turkey contributed the second highest number of allied troops during the Korean War.
Seoul also helped Turkey following the 1999 earthquake in Istanbul.

During the summit meeting, Presidents Moon and Erdogan agreed to enhance cooperation between Seoul and Ankara on the international stage, such as at the United Nations,... and through MIKTA,.... an informal partnership between Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, and Australia.
The two leaders also expressed the need to further develop MIKTA into a forum led by the leaders of each respective state; the five-nation forum is currently led by foreign ministers, according to the Blue House.
They also discussed ways to boost practical cooperation between the two countries,... in various sectors including trade, investment, energy, and the defense industry.
The leaders also witnessed the signing of MOUs in sectors including education, ICT, and health and welfare.
A state banquet in honor of President Erdogan was held on Wednesday evening,... with about 90 guests from various circles in attendance.
It was a Halal dinner,... prepared in accordance with Islamic principles and technique.

This was the first meeting between the leaders of the two countries since they established a strategic partnership in 2012,... and, of course, the first time a foreign head of state visited the country since the historic inter-Korean summit last week.
Hwang Hojun Arirang News.

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South korea and turkey aare brothers we love sout korea 👍

Author — Sulo kek


Here some peoples make fun on bloods brothers remarked by reporter. I wanna say for them. He said bloods brothers mean Turkey helped Saouth korea in war. And many Turkish sacrifice their life in that war. That's why he said bloods brothers. So plz don't make fun of it.

Author — Amor


I am Korean-Japanese.
I am always looking forward to the program. I have graduated from graduate school this year and I am studying for the bar exam. I'm watching this program with my relaxation.

Author — Esper


21trillion $ US stolen money is used to stocks market manipulations around the world. By pumping and dumping stocks. To make's. profit on this.

Author — Marek Kolenda


True leader is that man (ordagan masha allah)🇹🇷♥️💙🇸🇴🇹🇷♥️💙🇸🇴

Author — Alahayowarligeygukiiisraacauuahaado Sy


Turkey has a long way to go to become a fully developed country socially, economically and technologically.

Author — Castiel Winchester