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In the United States, nearly 80 billion lottery tickets and scratch cards are sold every year. Overnight the winners find themselves in charge of an astronomical fortune and at the center of the limelight.

David and Erica won 62 million US dollars, becoming the richest people in their county in a matter of seconds. Self-proclaimed "redneck millionaires", they are determined not to let their newfound wealth cut them off from reality. Others take the opposite approach. When 51-year-old nurse, Jack, won the lottery, he immediately quit his job and began spending frivolously. The temptations for lottery winners are endless and the risks elevated. A third of winners end up in ruins. So what makes this industry so attractive, and what do the lives of the winners actually look like? 


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Financial education is always key. Its sad to see people lose so much money simply because they had no idea how to invest properly.

Author — The Modern Investor


Uhm.. I would not want to be on television after winning the lottery.

Author — 6Meilin


The money didn’t ruin their lives, their inability to be financially responsible did. Let’s not get this twisted, folks.

Author — C


I don’t want Gucci and Chanel I legit just wanna be able to buy name brand cereal and not look at every price at Walmart!!! Just wanna not have to debate between toilet paper and dinner.

Author — Jamie Byford


"Millionaire life — not as easy as it sounds " New title: "Millionaire life - Money doesn't fix stupid."

Author — Manabozo


Millions of dollars ruins lives?

Give me a break..let's face it, irresponsibility is the culprit, not the money.

Author — ben ban


Lottery wining is never a curse. Its a blessing. Dont blame the lottery. Its your mismanagement.

Author — BOT Terminator


I love how that couple from Nebraska stayed so true to their roots. They seem so down to earth!

Author — Uhhlaneuh


The first couple makes 500k a year of investments that’s how you stay rich

Author — juanio


I'm an introvert. If I won the lottery, I'd just chill in my mansion somewhere. I don't have to worry about fake people because I always keep my circle small.

Author — MDT 123 MVP


"The curse of the lottery" more like "the curse of stupidity"

Author — J. P.


The guy who won the 1000 a week is so obnoxious. None of those ladies are there for you they're only there for what you can give them. Who wants to surrounded by people like that?

Author — skArpPT


Shit when I hit 6K at the casino everybody had their hands out. I couldn’t imagine winning millions.

Author — Richard Cranium


Who you are with $100 is who you’ll be with $100 million...

Author — K V


Yeah, lottery didn't ruin any of them. It only funded their pre-existing stupidity.

Author — VA Mountain Man


To the 50 year old guy who gets $10, 000 a month and has spring break every day for various women in his backyard pool... you're not rich!

Author — Kujichagulia Self-Determination


If you have a broke mindset you'll end up losing all the money.

Author — michael burton


Jack will be back in debt by the time he gets to the age where he normally would’ve retired 🤷‍♂️ 120k without taxes per year is not enough to be spending like that LOL

Author — Jarrett McGowan


The "curse" of the lottery is failing to adhere to the two big rules.
Keep your mouth shut.
You're not wealthy, you're rich. Huge difference.

Author — Bunne Rabb


It's actually sad, seeing how blatantly desperate Jack is for affection.

Author — Jackie T