Angry Royal Bengal Tiger Comes to Forward of Safari Bus | A Full Day tour Bangabandhu Safari Park

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বঙ্গবন্ধু সাফারী পার্ক | Angry Royal Bengal Tiger Attacks Safari Bus In Bangladesh | A Full Day tour Bangabandhu Safari Park

Park Name : Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park
Ticket : 100 Taka [ 01 . 20 $$$ ]
Location : Indrapur , Gazipur -- Bangladesh


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are you sure you have integrated enough comercials?

Author — Mr. T.


Two types of animals here in this video. Civilized ones are outside the bus, whereas the uncivilized animals are inside the bus.

Author — Notification


বাসের ভেতর একটা দামড়া ছাগল আছে যে বার বার বাঘ নিয়ে উপহাস করছে, একে ধরে সবার জানালা দিয়ে বের করে দেওয়া উচিৎ ছিল।

আমার ভ্রমণ বিষয়ক চ্যানেলটিও ঘুরে দেখবেন। আপনাদের ভাল লাগবে গ্রান্টি।

Author — Traveller Express


i think arun is fool coz title os totally different

Author — Mahendra Vaniya


Not targeting any country or culture in particular but in general we south Asians are accustomed to make a lot of unnecessary noise without maintaining the decorum of the place. In a wild safari, you are expected to keep quiet, not to wear bright clothing and perfume. Our presence should cause minimal interference to these majestic creatures.

Author — abhijitkh09


After watching it, i conclude animals were inside the bus not outside as they were very calm and disciplined..

Author — amardeep kamboj


The van is completely unsafe. The front wind shield is cracked. The Windows should have grills, A gun man should acompany them and mainly the tourists should be taught what to do what not to do. If not Disaster is going to happen for sure. The govt should wake up.

Author — Paul Arul Dass


Where is tiger attaking?
True animals are in the bus.



Did I miss something? Where are the angry tigers? I just saw pitiful animals.

Author — Ant boy


Too much noise....this is jungle shouldn't make such the just making of... Fibre it's is quite royal Bengal tiger has enough strength to Break

Author — srijonee samanta


Tigers and lions should be given the road contract in Bengal Tiger reserve

Author — Karan Virk


The bus is not a safe bus
As it lacks safety equipmnt in
Like caged protection etc

Author — Irfaan78630


Tigers are such magnificent creatures, perhaps the most beautiful of all, (leopards are stunning too). It is the animals’ territory and that should be respected; tourists need to observe from a safe distance in an animal proof vehicle and remain quiet without getting over-excited.
💕🐅🐯🦁🐆🦓 🚌

Author — Panda Bear


So much noise in the bus by tourists .Some one should monitor them.

Author — sukesh kapoor


WTF.. can you see front shield is cracked..

Author — Poi Poi


Is this really Bangladesh? I am unaware of Safari Park in Bangladesh. Next time I visit BD, I will visit the park In Sha Allah!

Author — Helal Uddin


Hard to watch a 13 minute video with 11 commercials in it. Seriously dude, lay off the commercials.

Author — fuzzytigercat


The moment one of these cars break down...

Author — Demitri H


its name Banghubondu safari park, Bangladesh

Author — Faruk Islam


Açık hava hapishanesini safari diye yutturuyorlar.

Author — selahattin öztürk