Gordon Ramsay Catches A Possibly Lethal Mistake | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

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Gordon Ramsay catches a possibly lethal mistake when he visits a restaurant asking for his help.

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This is the first time Gordon’s made someone cry without insulting the shit out of them

Author — Skyeman16


British people and french people arguing will never go sour.

Author — Taurus Auto Media


Just saying: Gordon wasn’t in any danger due to him using food critic tactics, there is 5 main tactics:
Small bites (keeps u from getting sick or poisoned)
Use ur sense: if it looks bad, feels bad, or smells bad be cautious when eating. If it tastes bad spit it out. (This again keeps from getting sick)
Never swallow something that tastes sour, or bitter when it isn’t supposed to
Feel around it, if it is way too mushy or hard or absolutely soaked don’t touch it, it’s likely freezer burned and will make u sick.
Look for unusual colours or masses on the food, this could be mild or other things that will make u sick

Author — Loyal Scout


Mom: How are your grades son?
They're new and interesting

Author — PaleRiderYT


People don't complain. People don't like conflict. Customers will just quietly say "yeah it was fine" then never come back again.

Author — Retro Progress


I don’t get why people hate Gordon Ramsay! He can feel empathy guys he’s just very very expressive when he’s disappointed!

Author — Elthegamer 220


Gordon R: “I thought you were great in the queen btw.”
Lady: “Oh f*** off” 🤣

That wonderful woman is an absolute LEGEND.

Author — Norm Rayos


"They're dead, are we gonna use them tonight?"
"If we need them, yes!"
"I'm not stupid Gordon!"

Author — gkgyver


Gordon Ramsay: “Hows your pollock?”
Old lady: “Great, hows yours 😉?”


Author — Phiri The Art Wolf


I love how some people think that Gordon Is a Jerk until they realize that Gordon is actually helping them by being a jerk

Author — Mr. Skeleton


Seeing the owner break down after trying to laugh it off broke my heart, he really tries to smile through the pain

Author — Rocco


"I'm not in denial" literally every single person ever who is in denial.

Author — West Dorian


this episode is from 2007, makes you wonder where everyone ended up at in life.

Author — jj smallz


I think the episode should have been called “crusty knickers”

Author — Ryan Russell


Bro the owner crying is honestly really sad it’s just painful

Author — Robert Twang


The owner seems like a very kind and soft-hearted man. He’s sweet like jelly. I truly hope everything turned around for him.

Author — Ten Ways To Wear It


Ruby Tate’s had the ugliest decor ever. Ramsey’s remake was so pretty and sophisticated.

Author — Huynhgiao P


Me who can't cook and is watching Ramsay insult cooks : "Die trash die"

Author — FadeXApollo


No one:

The f word: *exists*

Gordon Ramsay: *hello*

Author — Evgenia Damjanovski


An intense frenchman, a laidback no care australian, a owner that cares to much about his peak in life, and now a passionate Britain. Now this is TV

Author — PlanetB1ue