A brief history of America and Cuba

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150 years of tension may be coming to an end.

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You know who the US treats like a Colony?

Puerto Rico

Author — Lost Guardian


The US has been a country that only respects another country's sovereignty when its beneficial.

Author — eddie mendoza


Nice to hear a balanced story, we all knew there had to be another side that nobody wanted to teach.

Author — spelunkerd


Literally as I was watching this video, during the part about Fidel Castro, my phone gave me a notification that he passed away. What a spooky coincidence

Author — Michael Triglav


I like the end "but it looks like they might both finally be ready"
Trump: Hold my beer!

Author — MGD


Jamaican here just taking all this history :) ... lol look how small we are

Author — Animation ecc


i'm so embarrassed I didn't know any history about cuba before 1950 as a cuban. Great video vox!

Author — oscar zafra


They should show this video in american schools. 👍

Author — AntiMessiah


Vox's graphic designer deserves a raise.

Author — Elliot Reed


in resume...
USA likes getting into other’s business and spitting at the face of Spain and the rest of Spanish-speakers countries.

Author — JayJayyy _


'150 years of tension may be coming to an end. '


Author — ernest k


I would love to see an updated version of this video that includes the most recent several years of developments!

Author — gigivarnum


Me in 2016: America and Cuba reestablished diplomatic ties? Nice!

Also me in 2021: As the Trump admin’s last act is to add Cuba back to the list of state sponsored terrorism? *gulps*

Author — KidsBooksByDavid _


As a person who lived in GITMO 2011-2013 this was very nicely done!

Author — SilverShrimp TX


Yo this background music is so peaceful and relaxing I need to know the name of this I need to listen to this when I'm doing stuff that way you can have me nice and relaxed

Author — Anthony Mort


The editing of this video is just perfect

Author — casanovasky


I am Cuban now I live in the USA but I can tell u that u were right about everything u said god bless you god bless America y que dios bendiga a cuba

Author — Carlos Enrique


This video needs an update. I’m interested to know how those relations have evolved since D.Trump and Diaz-Canel. I know things aren’t going well, I would just like to know how.

Author — The Hook


such an amazing video. great editing, not bias

Author — Isaac Castro


Can I just watch Vox all day instead of going to class.

Author — Kashmoney99