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Jamie loves a good pasta dish and we've lined up 7 delicious recipes from our archives for you guys to check out!
From Summer Sausage Pasta to an incredible Veggie Bolognese we've got you covered on all things pasta related!

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How To Make Pasta Shapes | Jamie's Comfort Food | Gennaro Contaldo

Summer Vegetable Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

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13:40 “add the black peeples ahh I love the black peeples they adds the flavours “ gotta love Contaldo

Author — Nelson Tshepo Kunene


You are my fav childhood chef. I am 35 now. I used to watch your shows on TV when there was no YouTube. Those were the days when you used to pluck vegeies and fruits from your backyard for your recipes. :) Lots of love from India.

Edited: I still love your recipes. :)

Author — Mickey Duck


I never realised, how similar Jamie and Gennaro are, COME ON!!

Author — Antonios


....I think I can finally put my head around how to get silky aubergine (eggplant as we call it in Canada!) Thank you!

Author — Audrey Morgan


All of these pasta dishes look delicious, simple and guarantee my kids would love them <3

Author — Anh Do Sydney - Cuộc Sống Tại Úc


Sorry, Jamie. I am now Gennaro's fan! ))

Author — Asena De Turque - Mother of Wolves


I love watching how Jamie Oliver cook and talk his accent.he puts all his heart ❤️ in his cooking you can feel.mmmm

Author — Ravina Smith


1 kg of cherry tomatoes, there goes my whole week food budget :D

Author — mrlieenn


Jamie I love you, but I love you even more for bringing Gennaro into my life :D

Author — Nick Pilmeyer


I love it when you and Gennaro were cooking outside, sitting and so relaxed. All the recipes makes a lot of sense and you are teaching us how to be adventurous and creative. keep safe in your homes.

Author — Zuzi's Galley


JAMIE YOU ARE THE BEST ! Much LOVE ❤️ from Switzerland and thank you for the inspiring cooking books and recipes. Always such heavenly good dishes. 🥰🥰🥰
PS: I Pasta!

Author — Summer Eighteen


I never realised, how similar Jamie and Gennaro are, COME ON!!

Author — bowen voowy


On the cover you literally look like Patrick Jane from the Mentalist! XD

Author — Ajita13


Love Megamix, very tasty pasta, thanks Jamie Oliver. CONGRATULATIONS🌷❤ "

Author — Adriana Oyarzo


I'm in London too I know you work hard and I enjoy the cooking for my Jamaican Indian and Mauritius background love it well done

Author — Amana Gladys


Brevissimo, metteresti gli ingredienti in italiano, resti cmq un grande

Author — Maria Concetta Simone


"We don't want the chili to blow your head off"
And that's where the Indonesians don't agree. lol

Author — Alwari


Genarro is literally like a grandpa to the Oliver kids.

Author — DaBeast Beats


Lot’s of love to all the cooks out there!

Author — Kitchen Brothers


the best Chef ever, why I love you is how you convert stuff for us, Fahrenheit and Celsius, sounds and kilos and damn every recipe of yours has never failed me, thanks Jamie

Author — Dzedah Otunga