How big is the business of the big, fat Indian wedding? - BBC News

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From high end fashion to expensive jewellery, celebrity invites to exotic destinations, a luxury Indian wedding has it all. Generally lasting a few days, it feels more like a festival.

With a huge, young demographic and nearly 20 million people tying the knot every year, India is the world’s second largest market for weddings. The industry is worth tens of billions of dollars and often considered “recession-proof”.

But who are the people making it all happen? And how? What do millennial couples want and what are some of their most outlandish requests?

#WorklifeIndia takes you behind the scenes of a big, fat Indian wedding with a celebrity fashion designer, a luxury wedding planner and the founder of a digital weddings discovery platform.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Rohit Bal, celebrity fashion designer; Neha Seth Arora, luxury wedding planner and CEO, Var Vadhu; Mehak Sagar, co-founder, WedMeGood wedding portal

From Delhi, #WorklifeIndia reflects on money, work, family and business.

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Author — J K


bbc how much portion of dowry do you take with party fees?

Author — Aurobindo Ghosh


Boring conversation, bye guys I am going to take a nap

Author — Shubham Mishra


Now foreign sepoys in Indian attire have obsession with Indian wedding too 🤭🤭🤭
Its always an honor to pause & than to dislike bbc radical videos. Thanks, that youtube have dislike button. 😉😉😉

Author — Chirag Baukhandi


Watching this makes me wanna have a curry 😂

Author — The Lefts Worst Nightmare





Do they have to buy a licence in India?

Author — Doug Rutter


Welcome to BBC India..
Free the brits from Slavery!!

Author — Vijay Iyer


Very informative and interesting for someone with some Indian ethnicity who has visited, but has never lived in India.

Author — bvsg s


Big fat foreign aid cheques, we British mugs give em, then its on with the flip flops to cash it .. scandalous..

Author — Rubber Dub


Here, money marries money for money to show their money.

Author — Voda Recharge


A question to an average Brit:
Why are you still paying for tv license fee😑

Author — Proud Infidel


90% of the restrictions in Kashmir have been liften. Why hasn't the BBC reported that yet?

Author — Alex Barker


This culture around big fat weddings needs to stop. What defines a marriage is not how fancy the wedding is, but how happy the couple will feel later on in their lives.

I am speaking from my family’s experience. Most of the time I have attended only single/double ceremony weddings where everything felt modest and humble. However, I had to attend an entire big fat wedding of my cousins’ last year. There were around 5-6 events and it costed around 1.5 crores. One year later on, my cousin still hasn’t moved to her husband’s house abroad because she felt unhappy and wanted to stay home doing the same job. Now there are problems in her marriage no groom want to change jobs and move together.

The reason why she’s in this situation is not only because she had an arranged marriage (which she has married to someone she doesn’t properly know hence why she’s unwilling to move house). Now her family has wasted 1.5 crore for a marriage that is facing problems within just a year.

I don’t care what kind of wedding ceremony I have, I care more about how happy I will be with this relationship. We marry not to flaunt our wealth in front of family or friends, but to live happily with the people whom we love.

Author — Peace and Justice


now..more than 80% brits are poor...feels great to be indian nowadays...

Author — shoaib ali


See the latest top story news above this item . My body won’t let me have sex’. So the BBC sees it as critically important to tell the whole world of this poor woman’s personal problem, invade her privacy, embarrass everyone on her behalf and leave her wide open to ridicule on the internet. Someone in government needs to stop this abuse for the sake of a very doubtful, and harmful story and bring the BBC to heel to remain in its remit. This is not a public interest story. It’s an abuse of a vulnerable person.

Author — Mark Goddard


people will spend their money how they might burn it or shove up their arsh....it's should not concern you BBC....stick to UK

Author — Damon Salvatore


Bigger than the whole economy of US and UK combined.
That's the power of India no go cry to your momma,

Author — Avdesh Alvaraz


BBC should do better jobs than Indian wedding. btw how much money involved here between you guys with BBC and vice versa. waste of time to see this.

Author — Parvathamma Eranna