Top 20 Best Turkish Drama Series To Watch in 2021 - New Turkish Drama

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Top 20 Best Turkish Drama Series To Watch in 2021 - New Turkish Drama.

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Sen cal kapimi, they act so natural and they are good actor and their acting really fun

Author — Fawzia Ali


SenÇalkapimı love it❤❤❤❤

im obsessed with this series couple

Author — Hayat Ve Eda


Most beautiful and lovely series Emanet beautiful acting and beautiful pure love 💕💕

Author — Talia ToorToor


Sol yanim, Sen cal kapimi and here is missing Kuzgun. The best

Author — Leyni S


Sol Yanim is interesting every week i love it plus Sen cal kapimi 😍

Author — Star SA


SOL Yanim ( My left Side ) thats my one i can't wait Episode 8th now

Author — Mahad Osoble


Yaman & Seher from Emanet totally ROCK!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Author — Cynthia


Hercai is the most rich in scenery, deep script, dialogues, and the most beautiful love story, real love conquering hatred and revenge. Acting superbly done by all cast. Oodles to HERCAI, the best Turkish ever. series

Author — MD CS


Why do I feel like the story plot of Unfaithful is same as 2020 korean drama "life of a married couple "

Author — Bidhya Ghimire


Love 101 is soooo GOOD can't wait for season 2

Author — レヴィ


I'm obsesssed with Sen Çal kapimi. Definitly is one the best series

Author — M. Liz H.A.


I love emanet ❤ it's the best from all !

Author — Marijana Trogrlic


I've been looking at sol yanim, and others this season, they are very good, they are all different. but no other leaves me wanting the next day to come to see the new chapter ... The actors wow, Yaman and Seher almost killed me with so many emotions together 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Author — quick&easy


Erkensi Kus ♡♡♡
Kirgin çiçekler ♡♡♡
Fazilet Hanim ♡♡♡

Author — Adora Queen


Türk dizilerine ve filmlerine bir çok ülkeden bu kadar ilgi duyulduğunu bilmiyordum . Neden bilmiyorum ama, yorumları okuyunca gözlerim dolmadı değil . Türk olmaktan gurur duyuyorum😊🇹🇷

Author — ikra Aras


Emanet my favourite drama I love yaman and seher together

Author — Husna khan


Sol yanim ❤️ but they stopped it in midway 😭

Author — Jeslin Armstrong


Emanet is soooo good. It has almost 150 episodes but is still perfekt Not boring. And a lovable couple

Author — Dünya Yilmaz


My favorites ones, Ramo, SCK and Sol Yanım 😍❤️🔥

Author — Francy Garzón


Sencal kapimi marasli and solyanim the best i love turkish drama

Author — Sheryll Alcances