The conflict in Kashmir, explained

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Why Kashmir remains one of the most militarized regions in the world.

The dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is one of the longest running conflicts. Ever since Britain left India in 1947 and hastily drew borders demarcating a Hindu-majority India and a Muslim-majority Pakistan, Kashmir, located right between the two, has been fervently claimed by both nations.

India and Pakistan’s first war was fought over Kashmir’s status as the the newly independent countries were being formed. After over a year of bloody conflict the UN stepped in and brokered a ceasefire that drew a line down the middle of Kashmir and gave a portion of the territory to India and the remainder to Pakistan. This arrangement was meant to be temporary. Once the violence settled a vote was to be held that would allow Kashmiris to decide their own future.

But more than 70 years later, Kashmiris have yet to vote on their status. They remain stuck between two nuclear nations locked in a dangerous conflict with no end in sight.

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Special thanks to Kashmiris who shared their opinions with us:

Aqib Salam
Aarif Shah
Aijaz Ganaie
Injilla Sidiq
Sadaf Zehra
Mian Tufail
Mehak Dhaar
Rihana Maqbool
Waqas Khan
Sajid Yousuf
Tariq Bashir

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The latest crisis between India and Pakistan over Kashmir comes as India’s Hindu nationalist government has revoked Article 370 of India’s Constitution, which had for decades afforded the Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir — India’s side of Kashmir — substantial autonomy over its own affairs.

Author — Vox


How many border problems u want to create?
British: yes

Author — Gobi Murugesan


Why only the people of Srinagar were interviewed? Must have also covered the response of the Gilgit Baltistan people as well

Author — Adwait Adalatwale


no mention🤔they were killed and had to fled from KASHMIR

Author — mukul pandey


Vox forgot to mension the fact that:-

All this would never have happened if the British never divided the country on religious basis.

Author — Shubham Bhati


I really love all of Vox videos but they have missed out on some important points here.
1. No mention of Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus.
2. No opinions of people from other areas of Jammu and Ladakh which were also part of the "Hindu Monarch's" territory.
3. No opinions of people from Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Chinese part of Kashmir (Aksai Chin).
4. No mention of Racism in Kashmir against Indians and its role in secessionist movement.

This would only have been a well rounded piece if all these things were also included. This video only seems a little lazy.

I hope I provided some constructive criticism and have been of some help.

Author — John Paul Jones


The United Nations Security Council is the biggest joke the world has ever seen.

Author — অର୍ଘ୍ୟਦੀప पाல்


You'll never dare to cover the Pundits or interview them or people of POK

Author — Moksha Malhotra


Religions : Spread love not war!
Worshippers / Believers : Let's start a war shall we?

Author — Anime Yahallo Studio


Why do reporters before the 1960s speak like they drank 6 cups of coffee before every broadcast?

Author — John Smith


Mcgonagall : Why is it that in every dispute and war in modern history, it is always you two?

United States

Author — Sabid Hossain


Today British are enjoying these conflicts with a cup of tea...

Author — jatin chauhan


Wow, they managed to include formation of Bangladesh as a possible reason to escalation in kashmir conflict but didn't include kashmiri pandit issue.

Author — Digboloy Adhikari


4 lakh Kashmiri pandits forced to leave Kashmir but you never mentioned in this

Author — Narendra Narendra


The video only touches on obvious points and misses on 2 major points, I think.

1) The water problem. The region is the birthplace of all the major rivers flowing across the two nations. Whoever controls Kashmir, controls the water supply. The water is especially important for Pakistan, which accounts for a major amount of its irrigation supply.
2) The Kashmiri Pandits. The insurgency of 90s made a large number of hindus leave Kashmir. The refugees are still not able to settle in Kashmir since then.

Author — Vahid Ansari


As a Muslim I must confess this is utter nonsense and they have skipped key facts.
For instance the brutal killing and displacement of Hindu Pandits. The perpetrators are an insult to Islam we are a religion of peace
However there is no need to blame the new generation as they had nothing to do with it.

Author — AA RC


If there is a problem and war, there are British before.

Author — Berk Çalışkan


Kashmir is not the whole area of J&K, it include Jammu province, Kashmir province and Ladakh region. Now it is divided into two union territories UT of J&K and UT of Ladakh.

Author — namgial 143


This is the most lazy video possible on the indo-pak conflict with no mention of the Hindu exodus and other major details that have been missed which are crucial to understand the conflict this is disappointing

Author — Kirti Sogra


9:05 and you so conveniently chose not to show the part of his father's interview in which he said he was involved in stone pelting and violence long before he was punished by Indian soldiers.

Author — Prem Sharma