Ryuichi Sakamoto trio - A Flower Is Not A Flower

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Live Take from 'Ryuichi Sakamoto trio world tour 1996'
song written for Kenny Wen

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To me this song represents sorrow and loneliness, towards the end of the song there's a sense of realization that things do pass and eventually you are at peace with it. Just like life and death.

Author — Jazzy Vids


This song has so much strength that it always seems to bring me to tears. Good tears. Tears of someone who wants to see themselves better again.

Author — Angelic Caravaggio


1:10 OMG I love it. I remember I'd get so frustrated when I'd always squeak out a false harmonic when I didn't mean to and could never seem to get one out when I actually meant to haha. But here it's used to such great melancholic effect. The faltering between false harmonic and real tone is ethereally beautiful and reminiscent of someone's voice breaking during a soulful song.

Author — Mr. L


I love how a lot of the comments here are so melancholy and honestly, this song really hits me. I listen to this song a lot when I feel very lonely and it really fills my void of loneliness here. I gotta say that violin makes me feel so sad

Author — Huashi Vang


3:21 It's like the violin themselves are crying

Author — Ta Yu


정말 심적으로 힘들었을때 더 힘들게 했던 노래라 첫 반주 3초만에 그때 그 시절이 99%느껴짐.. ㅠ 힘들었을때 왜 자꾸 들었는지 이해가 안갔지만..

Author — Kroos


gee, and i always thought a flower was a flower

Author — Jeremy Feit


Belíssima música. Cada comentário está em um idioma! hahaha

Author — Alexandre Mendonça


Me gustan su estilo, es melancolico y Serena mi ser .

Author — Josefa Gonzalez


So expressive... just can see beauty in here.

Author — asianlotusflower


Astonishing performance. It was taken from youtube a year ago and now it's back again. Thank you for this wondrous share :)

Author — Alessandro Arensi


el verano es tan triste si no estás aquí

Author — COKE 97'


Anyone else think of Yukari Telepath ???

Author — ZZ Z


Well, sure, but it's also not *not* a flower...

Author — Albeit_Jordan