Impossible Challenge: Memorizing 1,100 numbers in 30 minutes!

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In the latest episode of "Impossible Challenge," a "memory master" accepts the challenge of memorizing 1,100 random numbers in 30 minutes. Will she succeed?

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And here I am, don’t even remember what I ate last night

Author — LEE PAGE


Fact: you didn't searched for this but this was recommended by YouTube to us.

Author — Shaivya X-I


She: memorising millions of numbers in 30 minutes
Me: *locks the car
*3 seconds later*
Me: did I lock the car or not?
My brain: I don’t know 🤷‍♂️

Author — Surekha Yeme


Girl: memorizes 1100 numbers.
Me: Panicks because I forgot my roll number in class.

Author — Wyvern Lunee


Teachers: “ The test won’t be hard”

The test:

Author — Pultify


I would probably collapse by just trying to memorize 20 numbers with a time frame.

Author — iReeview


My teacher: 'page 234 pls'

*10 sec later*
Me: "what again maam?"

Author — Jackie Binoy


*No one*
Seriously no one
*Then there's YouTube trying to tell me how useless I am*
Thx for the likes guys

Author — Aqsa


Her: memorizing 1, 100 numbers within 30 minutes
Me : ugly crying and blaming everyone in school because my pen was lost. then later realizing that it was just on my hair

Author — 조사관YG


I got a headache just trying to figure out how the rules work

Author — Lo-Fi


When she gets home:

Mom: "how dare you forget one number!!!! (Slap)"

Author — Dio Nathan


Her future children never gonna telling lies with her in there rest of life..

Author — Love Lisa


Her: "memorized thousands of number"

Me: I don't even remember if I took my vitamins for today

Author — Ki Alcantara


Here is me who can't even remember my parent's mobile no.

Author — Sharanya Singh


And that's basically the method what they're using to teach us in school. Kinda uneffective

Author — Jack Maslov CZ


Her: *memorizes 1100 numbers in 30 minutes*
Me: *can't remember a single thing about the exam i had 1 minute ago*

Author — kate indigo star


Me: looking for my pen even though its at my hand 😢

Author — Ek3L


Her: Can memorize a lot of numbers with a lot of twist
Me: Can't even understand the rules and the twist (reading subtitles)

Author — Skellie


Anybody else here and can't even remember their own password to their phones sometimes? :')

Edit - Oh mEh gOsH tHaNk yOu FoR AlL tHe

Author — Bella Freid


is this even possible.. she should actually get a milliion dollars for this!!!🤐🤐🤐😶😶

Author — Vittal Prabhu